Know-Center Graz was founded in 2000 within the framework of the COMET K1-program and became Austria's leading research center for data-driven business innovative information and communication technologies.


Data-Driven Business means business models and processes that generate real business value out of unstructured data. In most cases, large amounts of data must be obtained from relevant sources, interpreted and utilized.


Particularly large, heterogeneous and unstructured data volumes, as well as live analysis (streaming, real-time), pose a challenge to current technologies. With that regard, we play an active role on the forefront, and two of our Areas (Knowledge Discovery and Social Computing) focus on big data with the aim of creating real added value for enterprises.


In the area of cognitive computing, we follow an integrated approach: Although excellent technology is absolutely important in that respect, for us it is only part of a greater whole. Companies and their business models and processes depend on the people who implement, creatively adapt and critically analyze them. Our cognitive computing approach, which is anchored in our Areas Knowledge Visualization and Ubiquitous Personal Computing, takes advantage of the strengths of humans and machines and combines them.

CEO & Scientific Director


Data-driven Business is one of the most important economic trends. I am particularly pleased that we contribute with our innovative methods and tools to provide competitive advantages to companies at the data-based world market.

Stefanie Lindstaedt

Voices about the Know-Center

Together with the scientific advisory board the Know-Center continuously synchronizes it’s Research Focus with the latest international developments.

We have asked our internationally-renowned experts to share their opinion on the Know-Center.

How important are the new research areas (data management and data security) into Know-Center´s portfolio?

What is the USP of Know-Center?

How relevant are our research fields to science and industry?

Our Mission

  • We increase the appeal of the business location Styria by pooling the applied IT research competences and linking them with companies.
  • We improve the competitiveness of our business partners and customers by helping to develop innovation in companies.
  • We obtain EU funds in order to work on new research and innovation topics and help our business partners to be well-positioned in the future.
  • We foster knowledge transfer and network creation between science and industry, for example, via our annual congress i-KNOW.
  • We cooperate with international scientific institutions and publicize the latest results, e.g. in our journal J.UCS (
  • We contribute to increasing the qualification level in Styria by developing highly qualified human resources in science and economy.
Facts and Figures

As an associated research institution and excellence center within the COMET program, Know-Center conducts fundamental research and is involved in numerous EU projects. As such, Know-Center is always on top of the latest developments and can actively shape trends in science and research.


With more than 50 business and science partners as a business oriented and applied research entity we contribute to the continuous development and implementation of scientific findings in the area of data-driven business. As a competence center we have the objective and task to promote and further extend applied research for our business partners and customers.


By creating a state-of-the-art training ground for young researchers at Know-Center, we ensure a sustainable expansion of the knowledge landscape of tomorrow. It is our mission to turn Austria and the province of Styria into the European location for data-driven business.


In close cooperation with companies and within numerous research projects, Know-Center turns large amounts of data into useable information and develops intelligent applications and systems in order to help users identify, visualize, structure and transfer knowledge in social networks and mobile working situations or personalized according to the specific requirements of individual users.

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