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IKT der Zukunft 2014 - Auftaktveranstaltung: Daten generieren Projekte

KRD Eduardo Veas 2014

Discussion panel on topics of big-data analytics. Considered issues in terms of innovation and opportunities for research. Also looked at the need for new data processing infrastructures.

Discovery and Visual Analysis of Linked Data for Humans

KRD Vedran Sabol 2014

Linked Data has grown to become one of the largest available knowledge bases. Unfortunately, this wealth of data remains inaccessible to those without in-depth knowledge of semantic technologies. We describe a toolchain enabling users without semantic technology background to explore and visually analyse Linked Data. We demonstrate its applicability in…

Using Semantics for Interactive Visual Analysis of Linked Open Data

KRD Gerwald Tschinkel 2014

Providing easy to use methods for visual analysis of Linked Data is often hindered by the complexity of semantic technologies. On the other hand, semantic information inherent to Linked Data provides opportunities to support the user in interactively analysing the data. This paper provides a demonstration of an interactive, Web-based…

Exhibition: "CODE - Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research"

KRD Vedran Sabol 2014

CODE’s vision is to establish a web-based, commercially oriented ecosystem for Linked Open Data. Project focuses on research papers as source of facts which are integrated into a “Linked Science Data cloud”, and investigates roles, revenue models and value chains in data marketplaces. The exhibit includes the demonstration of several…

Talk (CODE Project) - "Linked Data in Context: Questions Matter"

KRD Vedran Sabol 2014

Linked Open Data has grown into a large and recognised source of data, however its uptake and commercial exploitation does not yet reflect its potential value. Two factors with potential to contribute to the value of data are correlating previously uncorrelated data and providing answers based on the data. We…

CODE: Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

KRD Patrick Hoefler 2013

CODE: Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

KRD Patrick Hoefler 2013

Knowledge Discovery in Text and Multimedia

KRD Roman Kern 2013

Exhibition: CODE - Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

KRD Vedran Sabol 2013

Visual Analysis of Relatedness in Dynamically Changing Repositories - Coupling Visualization with Machine Processing for Gaining Insights into Massive Data

KRD Vedran Sabol 2012

Das LASSO für Linked Data - Drei Anwendungsfälle.

KRD Hermann Stern 2012

Eins plus Eins ist Drei: Medienunternehmen auf dem Weg in die Web-Gesellschaft

KRD Wolfgang Kienreich 2010

Visual Analytics for Media Technologies

KRD Wolfgang Kienreich 2010

Semantische Technologien – Stand der Forschung und Umsetzungspotentiale

KRD Michael Granitzer 2009

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