The Social Semantic Server: A Flexible Framework to Support Informal Learning at the Workplace

Informal learning at the workplace includes a multitude of processes. Respective activities can be categorized into multiple perspectives on informal learning, such as reflection, sensemaking, help seeking and maturing of collective knowledge. Each perspective raises requirements with respect to the technical support, this is why an integrated solution relying on social, adaptive and semantic technologies is needed. In this paper, we present the Social Semantic Server, an extensible, open-source application server that equips client-side tools with services to support and scale informal learning at the workplace. More specifically, the Social Semantic Server semantically enriches social data that is created at the workplace in the context of user-to-user or user-artifact interactions. This enriched data can then in turn be exploited in informal learning scenarios to, e.g., foster help seeking by recommending collaborators, resources, or experts. Following the design-based research paradigm, the Social Semantic Server has been implemented based on design principles, which were derived from theories such as Distributed Cognition and Meaning Making. We illustrate the applicability and efficacy of the Social Semantic Server in the light of three real-world applications that have been developed using its social semantic services. Furthermore, we report preliminary results of two user studies that have been carried out recently.

Dennerlein Sebastian, Kowald Dominik, Lex Elisabeth, Theiler Dieter, Lacic Emanuel, Ley Tobias, Tomberg Vladimir, Ruiz-Calleja Adolfo

Veröffentlicht in: ACM

Veröffentlicht von: In Proceeding of 15th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business

social semantic server, informal learning, workplace learning, technology enhanced learning, distributed cognition, meaning making, service-oriented architecture

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