Evaluating Tag Recommender Algorithms in Real-World Folksonomies: A Comparative Study

To date, the evaluation of tag recommender algorithms has mostly been conducted in limited ways, including p-core pruned datasets, a small set of compared algorithms and solely based on recommender accuracy. In this study, we use an open-source evaluation framework to compare a rich set of state-of-the-art algorithms in six unfiltered, open datasets via various metrics, measuring not only accuracy but also the diversity, novelty and computational costs of the approaches. We therefore provide a transparent and reproducible tag recommender evaluation in real-world folksonomies. Our results suggest that the efficacy of an algorithm highly depends on the given needs and thus, they should be of interest to both researchers and developers in the field of tag-based recommender systems.

Kowald Dominik, Lex Elisabeth

Veröffentlicht in: ACM

Veröffentlicht von: 9th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems

tag recommender, recommender evaluation, social tagging systems, accuracy, diversity, novelty, computational costs

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