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Paving the way for Science 2.0: top-down and bottom-up approaches

M Vignoli, P Kraker, A Sevault – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government (CEDEM'15), 2015

Quantified self app usage tested in the workplace.

B Renner, G Wesiak, U Cress – 17th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), 2015

Exploring Coverage and Distribution of Identifiers on the Scholarly Web

P Kraker, A Enkhbayar, E Lex – Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium of Information Science - ISI 2015, 2015

Modeling Cognitive Processes in Social Tagging to Improve Tag Recommendations

D Kowald – International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2), 2015

With the emergence of Web 2.0, tag recommenders have become important tools, which aim to support users in nding descriptive tags for their bookmarked resources. Although current algorithms provide good results in terms of tag prediction accuracy, they are often designed in a data-driven way and thus, lack a thorough…

Visual Analysis of Scientific Content

B Mutlu, V Sabol – STCSN E-LETTER ON SCIENCE 2.0, 2015

CSCL in non-technological environments: Evaluation of a Wiki system with integrated self- and peer assessment.

G Wesiak, M Höfler, M AL-Smadi, C Gütl – Proceedings of InPACT 2015 (International Psychological Applications Conferen…, 2015

Open Science in Österreich: Ansätze und Status

K Buschmann, S Kasberger, P Kraker, K Mayer, F Reckling, K Rieck, M Vignoli – Information. Wissenschaft und Praxis, 2015

VizRec: A Two-Stage Recommender System for Personalized Visualizations

B Mutlu, E Veas, C Trattner, V Sabol – ACM IUI, 2015

Visual Recommendations for Scientific and Cultural Content

E Veas, B Mutlu, C di Sciascio, G Tschinkel, V Sabol – IVAPP 2015, 2015

Attention Please! A Hybrid Resource Recommender Mimicking Attention-Interpretation Dynamics

P Seitlinger, D Kowald, S Kopeinik, I Hasani-Mavriqi, T Ley, E Lex – In 24rd International World Wide Web Conference (WW…, 2015

Refining Frequency-Based Tag Reuse Predictions by Means of Time and Semantic Context

D Kowald, S Kopeinik, P Seitlinger, T Ley, D Albert, C Trattner – MSM-MUSE PostProceedings, 2015

In this paper, we introduce a tag recommendation algorithm that mimics the way humans draw on items in their long-term memory. Based on a theory of human memory, the approach estimates a tag's probability being applied by a particular user as a function of usage frequency and recency of the…

Forgetting the Words but Remembering the Meaning: Modeling Forgetting in a Verbal and Semantic Tag Recommender

D Kowald, P Seitlinger, S Kopeinik, T Ley, C Trattner – MSM-MUSE PostProceedings, 2015

We assume that recommender systems are more successful, when they are based on a thorough understanding of how people process information. In the current paper we test this assumption in the context of social tagging systems. Cognitive research on how people assign tags has shown that they draw on two…

Utilizing Online Social Network and Location-Based Data to Recommend Products and Categories in Online Marketplaces

E Lacic, D Kowald, L Eberhard, C Trattner, D Parra, L Marinho – MSM-MUSE PostProceedings, 2015

Recent research has unveiled the importance of online social networks for improving the quality of recommender systems and encouraged the research community to investigate better ways of exploiting the social information for recommendations. To contribute to this sparse field of research, in this paper we exploit users’ interactions along three…

Eine energieeffiziente Implementierung von Differential Synchronization auf mobilen Endgeräten

J Simon, P Schmidt, V Pammer – Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing,…, 2015

Visualization of co-readership patterns from an online reference management system

P Kraker, C Schlögl, K Jack, S Lindstaedt – Journal of Informetrics, 2015


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