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Combined Community/Content Environments: User Behavior and Attitudes

G Granitzer, K Tochtermann – accepted for: International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning [], 2009

New Ways for Learning and Knowledge Transfer Using Social Semantic Technologie

G Granitzer, A Ulbrich, K Tochtermann, R Willfort – Advanced Learning, 2009 – Lazinica, A.

Automatische Vernetzung von Information zur Bewältigung verteilten Wissens

K Tochtermann, G Granitzer – Rubrik Analysen auf, 2009

Discovery and Visualization of Expertise in a Scientific Community

M Afzal, A Latif, A Us Saeed, P Sturm, S Aslam, K Andrews, K Tochtermann, H Maurer – Proceedings of the International Co…, 2009

Das Future Internet

K Tochtermann – ispa news - Internet Service Providers Austria, 2009

Von Web 2.0 zu Enterprise 2.0 - Strategien für das erfolgreiche Unternehmen der Zukunft

A Griesser, C Thurner-Scheuerer, K Tochtermann – HR Performance Computer+Personal, 2009

Know-Center at TREC 2009 Blog Distillation Task: A Notebook Paper

E Lex, M Granitzer, A Juffinger – Notebook of TREC 2009, 2009

Intent Tag Clouds: An Intentional Approach To Visual Text Analysis

F Jeanquartier, M Kroell, M Strohmaier – Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Multimedia Database Technologies, 10th …, 2009

Getting a quick impression of the author's intention of a text is a task often performed. An author's intention plays a major role in successfully understanding a text. For supporting readers in this task, we present an intentional approach to visual text analysis, making use of tag clouds. The objective…

On the feasibility of a tag-based approach for deciding which objects a picture shows: An empirical study

V Pammer, B Kump, S Lindstaedt – Semantic Multimedia. 4th International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technol…, 2009

K-Means on the Graphics Processor: Design And Experimental Analysis

M Zechner, M Granitzer – International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements, Volume 2, Number 2&…, 2009 – Paleologu, C.

Non-invasive User Modeling for Recommending Knowledgeable Persons in Work-integrated Learning

G Beham, B Kump, D Resanovic, S Lindstaedt – Second Stellar Alpine Rendez-Vous 2009, Workshop for Context-aware r…, 2009 – STELLAR

Temporal Patterns in Collaborative Tagging: Analyzing Maturing of Semantic Knowledge Structures

K Schoefegger, P Seitlinger, T Ley – Second Stellar Alpine Rendez-Vous 2009, It´s about time: exploring temporal…, 2009 – STELLAR

Ontology Evaluation Through Assessment of Inferred Statements: Study of a Prototypical Implementation of an Ontology Que…

V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, Third International …, 2009 – Karagiannis, D., Jinpeng, Z.

KNOWLEDGE MATURING SERVICES Supporting Knowledge Maturing in Organisational Environments

K Schoefegger, N Weber, S Lindstaedt, T Ley – Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management,…, 2009 – Karagiannis, D., Jinpeng, Z.

Turning Keywords into URIs: Simplified User Interfaces for Exploring Linked Data

A Latif, M Afzal, P Hoefler, A Us Saeed, K Tochtermann – ACM Proceeding of ICIS 2009. ISBN: 978-1-60558-710-3, 2009

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