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KnowBrain: An Online Social Knowledge Repository for Informal Workplace Learning

S Dennerlein, D Theiler, P Marton, P Santos, J Cook, S Lindstaedt, E Lex – In Proceedings of the European Conference on…, 2015

Die Informationsflut überblicken: Visualisierung von Wissensdomänen auf Basis von Co-Readership

P Kraker, C Schlögl, K Jack, S Lindstaedt – IEEE STCSN-E-Letter, 2015

Visualization of co-readership patterns from an online reference management system

P Kraker, C Schlögl, K Jack, S Lindstaedt – Journal of Informetrics, 2015

In this paper, we analyze the adequacy and applicability of readership statistics recorded in social reference management systems for creating knowledge domain visualizations. First, we investigate the distribution of subject areas in user libraries of educational technology researchers on Mendeley. The results show that around 69% of the publications in…

Orchestrating Collaboration and Community Technologies for Individual and Organisational Learning

T Ley, K Tammets, S Lindstaedt – Buch, 2014 – Littlejohn, Allison; Margaryan, Anoush


T Reiter, M Cik, M Haberl, C Breitwieser, R Scherer, M Kroell, C Horn, G Müller-Putz, S Lindstaedt, M Fellendorf – OPTI…, 2013

Today, proper traffic incident management (IM) has to deal increasingly with problems such as traffic congestion and environmental sustainability. Therefore, IM intends to clear the road for traffic as quickly as possible after an incident has happened. Electronic data verifiably has great potential for supporting traffic incident management. As a…

Orchestrating Collaboration and Community Technologies for individual and organisational Learning

T Ley, K Tammets, S Lindstaedt – Buch, 2013 – A. Littlejohn, A. Margaryan

iScope – Viewing Biosignals on Mobile Devices.

C Breitwieser, O Terbu, A Holzinger, C Brunner, S Lindstaedt, G Müller-Putz – …, 2013 – Qiaohong Zu, Bo Hu, Atilla Elçi …

Reflective Learning at Work

V Pammer, N Simon, S Lindstaedt – Advances in Technology Enhanced Learning, 2013 – Fridolin Wild, Paul Lefrere, Peter Scott

Linked Data Query Wizard: A Tabular Interface for the Semantic Web

P Hoefler, M Granitzer, V Sabol, S Lindstaedt – ESWC 2013, LNCS 7882, 2013 – P. Cimiano et al.

Head Start: Improving Academic Literature Search with Overview Visualizations based on Readership Statistics

P Kraker, K Jack, C Schlögl, C Trattner, S Lindstaedt – Web Science 2013, 2013

Unleashing Semantics of Research Data

F Stegmaier, C Seifert, R Kern, P Hoefler, S Bayerl, M Granitzer, H Kosch, S Lindstaedt, B Mutlu, V Sabol, K Schlegel, S Zwicklbauer – Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Big Data Benchmarkin…, 2012

Research depends to a large degree on the availability and quality of primary research data, i.e., data generated through experi- ments and evaluations. While the Web in general and Linked Data in particular provide a platform and the necessary technologies for sharing, managing and utilizing research data, an ecosystem supporting…

Seeing What the System Thinks You Know - Visualizing Evidence in an Open Learner Model

B Kump, C Seifert, G Beham, S Lindstaedt, T Ley – accepted for the LAK Conference 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Can…, 2012

Exploiting the User Interaction Context for Automatic Task Detection

D Devaurs, A Rath, S Lindstaedt – AAI-Events, 2012

Integrated Learning Systems

S Lindstaedt, C Thurner-Scheuerer – Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, 2012 – Seel, N.

Where Science Becomes Innovation

S Lindstaedt – Public Service Review: European Science and Technology, 2011

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