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Evaluating Adaptive Work-integrated Learning Systems: From the Lab to the Field

B Kump, T Ley, S Lindstaedt – Accepted at ECTEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, 20-23 September 2011, 2011

Towards a User Model for Personalized Recommendations in Work-Integrated Learning: A Report on an Experimental Study wit…

K Schoefegger, P Seitlinger, T Ley – Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning…, 2010

Scaffolding Self-directed Learning with Personalized Learning Goal Recommendations

T Ley, B Kump, C Gerdenitsch – Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization - UMAP 2010, 2010

A Methodology for Eliciting, Modelling, and Evaluating Expert Knowledge for an Adaptive Work-integrated Learning System

T Ley, B Kump, D Albert – International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2010

Getting to Know Your User – Unobtrusive User Model Maintenance within Work-Integrated Learning Environments

S Lindstaedt, G Beham, B Kump, T Ley – Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplin…, 2009 – Cress, U., Dimitrova, V., Specht, M.

Modelling Competencies for Supporting Work-integrated Learning in Knowledge Work

T Ley, A Ulbrich, P Scheir, S Lindstaedt, B Kump, D Albert – Journal of Knowledge Management, , 2008

Collaborative enterprise integrated modelling

C Ghidini, M Rospocher, L Serafini, A Faatz, B Kump, T Ley, V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Poster Session at the 16th Internat…, 2008

Deploying semantic web technologies for work integrated learning in industry. A comparison: SME vs. large sized company

C Christl, C Ghidini, J Guss, S Lindstaedt, V Pammer, P Scheir, L Serafini – Proceedings of the ISWC 2008, 7th Internati…, 2008

A Competence-based Approach for Formalizing Learning Goals in Work-integrated Learning

T Ley, B Kump, A Ulbrich, P Scheir, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the ED-Media 2008, Vienna, Austria, June 30-July 4, 20…, 2008

Applying Scruffy Methods to Enable Work-integrated Learning

S Lindstaedt, T Ley, P Scheir, A Ulbrich – The European Journal of the Informatics Professional, 2008

Collaborative Knowledge Engineering via Semantic MediaWiki

C Ghidini, M Rospocher, L Serafini, B Kump, V Pammer, A Faatz, A Zinnen, J Guss, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the I-Sem…, 2008

Knowledge Services for Work-integrated Learning

S Lindstaedt, P Scheir, R Lokaiczyk, B Kump, G Beham, V Pammer – Proceedings of the European Conference on Technology En…, 2008

Learn@Work: Competency Advancement with Learning Templates

W Bonestroo, T Ley, B Kump, S Lindstaedt – Martin Memmel, Eric Ras, Martin Wolpers, and Frans Van Assche (Eds.), Proceed…, 2007


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