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Matching Linked Open Data Entities to Local Thesaurus Concepts

P Wetz, H Stern, J Jakobitsch, V Pammer – CEUR-WS volume 932, 2012

Making Sense of Microposts at Scientific Conferences

P Kraker, F Jeanquartier – 2nd Workshop on Making Sense of Microposts at WWW'2012, 2012

A Preliminary Study on Interruptibility Detection based on Location and Calendar Information

H Stern, V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Third Workshop on Context-Systems Design, Evaluation and Optimisation (CoSDEO) 2011, D…, 2011

Tags vs. Shelves: From Social Tagging to Social Classification

A Zubiaga, C Körner, M Strohmaier – In 22nd ACM SIGWEB Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (HT 2011), 2011

External and Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection using a Cross-Lingual Retrieval and Segmentation System Lab Report for PAN a…

M Muhr, R Kern, M Zechner, M Granitzer – 2nd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection, 2010

German Encyclopedia Alignment Based on Information Retrieval Techniques

R Kern, M Granitzer – Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, 2010

New Ways for Learning and Knowledge Transfer Using Social Semantic Technologie

G Granitzer, A Ulbrich, K Tochtermann, R Willfort – Advanced Learning, 2009 – Lazinica, A.

Know-Center at TREC 2009 Blog Distillation Task: A Notebook Paper

E Lex, M Granitzer, A Juffinger – Notebook of TREC 2009, 2009

Ontology Evaluation Through Assessment of Inferred Statements: Study of a Prototypical Implementation of an Ontology Que…

V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, Third International …, 2009 – Karagiannis, D., Jinpeng, Z.

Application of Axiomatic Approaches to Crosslanguage Retrieval

R Kern, A Juffinger, M Granitzer – Working Notes for the CLEF 2009 Workshop, 2009

External and Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection Using Vector Space Models

M Muhr, M Zechner, R Kern, M Granitzer – Proceedings of the SEPLN'09 Workshop on Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship and S…, 2009

Revision support for modeling tasks, topics and skills

V Pammer, B Kump, C Ghidini, M Rospocher, L Serafini, S Lindstaedt – Pro…, 2009 – Paschke, A., Weigand, H., Behrendt, W., …

Getting to Know Your User – Unobtrusive User Model Maintenance within Work-Integrated Learning Environments

S Lindstaedt, G Beham, B Kump, T Ley – Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplin…, 2009 – Cress, U., Dimitrova, V., Specht, M.

CAF-SIAL: Concept Aggregation Framework for Structuring Informational Aspects of Linked Open Data

A Latif, M Afzal, A Us Saeed, P Hoefler, K Tochtermann – Proceedings of the First International Conference on Networked …, 2009

Using Ontologies For Software Documentation

W Klieber, V Sabol, M Muhr, M Granitzer – Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2009, 2009


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