Hier finden Sie von Know-Center MitarbeiterInnen verfasste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Visualising the Fragmentation of Knowledge Work

V Pammer, S Edler, H Stern – Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Making Sense Throug…, 2012

The role of Reflection in Maturing Organizational Know-how

B Kump, K Knipfer, V Pammer, A Schmidt, R Maier, C Kunzmann, U Cress, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks, Palermo, Italy, Septemb…, 2011 – Reinhardt, W., Ullmann, T. D., Scott, …

An Ontology-Based Approach for Detecting Knowledge Intensive Tasks

A Rath, D Devaurs, S Lindstaedt – Journal of Digital Information Management, 2011 – Pichappan, P., Jacobs, D.

SIMPLE - a social interactive mashup PLE

N Weber, T Nelkner, K Schoefegger, S Lindstaedt – CEUR Workshop proceedings ser…, 2010 – Wild, F., Kalz, M., Palmér, M., …

Towards a User Model for Personalized Recommendations in Work-Integrated Learning: A Report on an Experimental Study wit…

K Schoefegger, P Seitlinger, T Ley – Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning…, 2010

New Ways for Learning and Knowledge Transfer Using Social Semantic Technologie

G Granitzer, A Ulbrich, K Tochtermann, R Willfort – Advanced Learning, 2009 – Lazinica, A.

Spectral Web Content Trend Analysis

A Juffinger, R Willfort, E Lex, M Granitzer – Proc. of IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet, 2009

Knowledge Maturing in the Semantic MediaWiki: A design study in career guidance

N Weber, K Schoefegger, T Ley, S Lindstaedt, J Bimrose, A Brown, S Barnes – Lecture …, 2009 – Cress, U., Dimitrova, V., Specht, M.

Machine Learning based Work Task Classification

M Granitzer, A Rath, M Kroell, C Seifert, D Ipsmiller, D Devaurs, N Weber, S Lindstaedt – Journal of Digital Information…, 2009

Revision support for modeling tasks, topics and skills

V Pammer, B Kump, C Ghidini, M Rospocher, L Serafini, S Lindstaedt – Pro…, 2009 – Paschke, A., Weigand, H., Behrendt, W., …

Getting to Know Your User – Unobtrusive User Model Maintenance within Work-Integrated Learning Environments

S Lindstaedt, G Beham, B Kump, T Ley – Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplin…, 2009 – Cress, U., Dimitrova, V., Specht, M.

Conceptual Foundations for a Service-oriented Knowledge and Learning Architecture: Supporting Content, Process, and Ont…

A Schmidt, K Hinkelmann, T Ley, S Lindstaedt, R Maier, U Riss – Netwo…, 2009 – Pellegrini, T., Auer, S., Tochtermann, K., …

Can Intra-Organizational Wikis Facilitate Knowledge Transfer and Learning? An Explorative Case Study

A Stocker, G Granitzer, K Tochtermann – Proceedings of eLBa - eLearning Baltics 2009, 2009

UICO: An Ontology-Based User Interaction Context Model for Automatic Task Detection on the Computer Desktop

A Rath, D Devaurs, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the Context Information a…, 2009 – Gomez-Perez, J. M., Haase, P., Tilly, …

Studying Knowledge Transfer with Weblogs in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Exploratory Case Study

A Stocker, M Strohmaier, K Tochtermann – Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience - Special Issue: The Web on the Mov…, 2009


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