Hier finden Sie von Know-Center MitarbeiterInnen verfasste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Identifying Employee Competencies in Dynamic Work Domains: Methodological Considerations and a Case Study

T Ley, D Albert – Journal of Universal Computer Science, Special Issue, 2003

JUCS Special Issue: Skills Management - Managing Competencies in the Knowledg-based Economy

T Ley, D Albert – Journal of Universal Computer Science, Special Issue, 2003

Interactive Poster: Visualising Large Hierarchically StructuredDocument Repositories with InfoSky

K Andrews, W Kienreich, V Sabol, M Granitzer – InfoVis 2003, 2003

IMB – Ein XML-basiertes Retrievalframework für digitales Audio und Video

W Klieber, K Tochtermann, M Lux, H Mayer, H Neuschmied, W Haas – Proceedings der Berliner XML-Tage, 2003

Personalisierung mittels XML-Technologien

K Tochtermann, J Westbomke – Proceedings der Berliner XML-Tage, 2003

Designing Business Process Oriented Knowledge Infrastructures

M Strohmaier – Proceedings der GI Workshopwoche, Workshop der Fachgruppe Wissensmanagement, 2003

InfoSky: A System for Visual Exploration of Very Large, Hierarchically Structured Knowledge Spaces

W Kienreich, V Sabol, M Granitzer, F Kappe, K Andrews – Proceedings der GI Workshopwoche, Workshop der Fachgruppe Wissen…, 2003

Einführung von Wissensmanagement im Umweltbundesamt Wien

K Tochtermann, K Zirm, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings des 17. Symposiums Umweltinformatik, 2003

Topic Cascades: An interactive interface for exploration of clustered web search results based on the SVG standard

M Lux, M Granitzer, V Sabol, W Kienreich, J Becker – In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Knowledge…, 2003

Ad Hoc: Supporting Task-oriented Teaching and Learning under Time Pressure

J Farmer – Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT 03, 2003 – Rauterberg M., Menozzi M., Wesson J.

Proceedings of the I-KNOW '03, 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Management

K Tochtermann, H Maurer – Springer Verlag, 2003

Skills Management - An 'all-purpose' tool?

K Woels, S Kirchpal, T Ley – In Proceedings of I-Know 03 - Third International Conference on Knowledge Management, 2003

Command Style and Team Performance in Dynamic Decision-Making Tasks

J Clancy, G Elliott, T Ley, M Omodei, A Wearing, J McLennan, E Thorsteinsson – In: S. L. Sc…, 2003 – S. L. Schneider & J. Shanteau

Special Issue "Hot Spots in Knowledge Management"

K Tochtermann – Journal of Universal Computer Science, Bd. 6, Nr. 6, 2003

InfoSky: Visual Exploration of Large Hierarchical Document Repositories

F Kappe, G Droschl, W Kienreich, V Sabol, J Becker, K Andrews, M Granitzer, K Tochtermann, P Auer – Proceedings of HCI 2…, 2003


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