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Yenikent Seren, Holtz Peter, Thalmann_TU Stefan, Mathieu d'Aquin, Joachim Kimmerle

Evaluating the AFEL Learning Tool: Didactalia Users’ Experiences with Personalized Recommendations and Interactive Visualizations

CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Angela Fessl, Stefan Thalmann, Mathieu d'Aquin, Peter Holtz, Stefan Dietze, 2018

Learning technologies offer opportunities for users to enhance and to personalize selfregulatedlearning activities. In this paper, we present the results of a laboratory study that coversthe user evaluation of the AFEL Didactalia app, which analyzes everyday learning activities oflearners, extracts learning scopes and trajectories, and provides personalized recommendationsof learning resources as well as an interactive visualization of learning activities. Participants ofthe study (N=76) engaged with the tool after first completing an assigned learning task related togeography or history using learning materials from the Didactalia platform for approximately 30minutes and afterwards freely exploring the platform for 30-45 minutes. The related behaviordata was tracked and analyzed by the AFEL learning tool. After completing the two tasks,participants received an introduction to the tool and explored them as well. The results suggest asatisfactory experience with the tool and provide insights on the potential benefits, as well asaspects to be improved for further development. We discuss our findings and the next steps ofthe investigation in detail.
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