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Arslanovic Jasmina, Lovric Mario, Kern Roman



The aim of the present study was to identify eating disorders in synchronized swimming and the level of distortion of the body image of synchronized swimming athletes. Synchronized swimming is sport in which modality is considered of risk for development of eating disorder. It is a Olympic sport where synchronized swimmers are competing in the range of age 13-15 years old and that ages are critical for every young woman (puberty). Also, the beauty of movement is associated to low body mass and judges include thinness in their final score. Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating symptoms, and other specified (or non-specified) feeding or eating disorders which are presenting serious issue. Twenty synchronized swimmers age 13-16 years old was studied and the group of twenty female water polo players was used for comparison with athletes. To test the presence of some symptoms of the eating disorders was used The Eating Attitudes Test: “Eat26” (Garner and Garfunkel, 1979). Comparison of results have shown that statistically significant difference exist between synchronized swimmers and female water polo players in the image of dissatisfaction, with pathological control of body weight of synchronized swimmers. Almost every sport demands certain nutrition and most of them certain weight, but that should be achieved with the help of expert team. It is possible that synchronized swimmers are skinny and strong, but only with certain nutrition which is individual for every swimmer.
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