Hier finden Sie von Know-Center MitarbeiterInnen verfasste wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Herleitung von oeffentlichen Fahrplaenen mittels Mobilfunkdaten

C Horn, R Kern – Procedia Computer Science, 2015

Detecting Outliers in Cell Phone Data: Correcting Trajectories to Improve Traffic Modeling

C Horn, S Klampfl, M Cik, T Reiter – Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2014


T Reiter, M Cik, M Haberl, C Breitwieser, R Scherer, M Kroell, C Horn, G Müller-Putz, S Lindstaedt, M Fellendorf – OPTI…, 2013

Using Factual Density to Measure Informativeness of Web Documents

C Horn, A Zhila, A Gelbukh, R Kern, E Lex – In Proceedings of the 19th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, N…, 2013

Traffic incident management with cellular network data

T Reiter, M Cik, M Haberl, C Breitwieser, R Scherer, M Kroell, C Horn, M Fellendorf – International Symposium on Recent …, 2013

Measuring the Quality of Web Content using Factual Information

E Lex, M Voelske, M Errecalde, E Ferretti, L Cagnina, C Horn, B Stein, M Granitzer – Proceedings of the 2nd Joint WICOW/…, 2012

Realtime Ad Hoc Search in Twitter: Know-Center at TREC Microblog Track 2011

C Horn, O Pimas, M Granitzer, E Lex – Proceedings of TREC 2011, 2011

Who Tweets: Detecting User Types and Tweet Quality using Supervised Classification

C Horn, E Lex, M Granitzer – IADIS European Conference on Data Mining 2011, 2011


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