Scalable Web-based Information Visualization using WebGL and HTML5

Bachelor Thesis

In this work you will develop selected information visualization components using WebGL and HTML5 technologies. WebGL is a standardized JavaScript API based on OpenGL ES which, as a subset of the full OpenGL specification, provides access to hardware accelerated rendering of interactive 3D and 2D graphics within a Web browser (without any plug-ins). You will beging by performing an analysis of available WebGL-based visualization frameworks. After that a decision will be taken together with your advisor on whether an existing framework will be used or not. Following that, you will start with main task, which is the implementation of selected visual representations, such as a stream graph, hierarchical timeline, scatterplot matrices, coocurrence matrices, sankey diagramms etc. for large scale data. The goal is to achieve a higher scalability compared to what available SVG or canvas-based implementations support. The resulting visualization components shall handle data sets containing well over 10000 data elements, ranging potentially into millions.

Porträt von Sabol
Vedran Sabol
Kontakt Karriere

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