Forest Visualization of a Knowledge Base

Visual Exploration of Large-Scale Knowledge Base

We aim to explore positive computing and persuasive technology concepts to develop a prototype that communicates the necessary information about the knowledge base, but also contributes positively to the users’ wellbeing.

Positive Computing refers to the design and development of technology to support psychological wellbeing and human potential (

In this thesis we propose the use of nature-inspired visualizations, e.g. trees, to represent the evolution and usage of a knowledge base. The forest visualization should represent salient characteristics of the knowledge base, such as frequency of usage (is this “area” in the knowledge base highly used?) or quality of content (in terms of up-to-dateness, quality-controlled, etc.)

Technology wise the prototype should be developed in Unity/C# and contemplate multiple platforms, e.g. mobile, Microsoft HoloLens.

Main tasks:

. Conduct a literature review on persuasive technology and positive computing
. Design and implement a prototype in Unity
. Experimental study of the prototype and analysis of the obtained results



Ass.-Prof. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler, TU Graz and Know-Center,
Carla Barreiros, TU Graz and Know-Center,

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Viktoria Pammer-Schindler
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