3D Knowledge Visualisation using WebGL

Master Thesis

In this work you will develop a 3D knowledge visualization component using WebGL, which a JavaScript API based on OpenGL ES providing access to hardware accelerated 3D rendering within a Web browser. Knowledge Visualisation is a discipline dealing with presenting and communicating knowledge through visual interfaces. Your tasks will include the implementation and evaluation of a visualization component for visualising 3D models, such as a building, electronic device or a car, and enriching these with knowledge originating from different sources. For example, encoding temperature information in a building using color, superimposing a sequence of usage instructions on a device, or showing technical information (dimensions, rotation direction, maintenance interval etc.) of various car components. You will develop approaches for retrieving information (such as numeric, textual, semantic or time-dependant data) from the knowledge bases and mapping it onto appropriate visual properties of the 3D model. Finally you will perform an evaluation involving several test users to eliminate usability issues and identify directions for further improvements.

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