Digital Life Science

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Paul Czech
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Hermann Stern

Data-driven methods and technologies for medical and pharmaceutical processes

Advances in big data technologies have led to an increasing digitalization of human life and make completely new medical and health products as well as services possible. We see early effects for example in data-driven biomedical research which promises the identification of new biomarkers. Ultimately health and social data of individuals will help to improve diagnostics and pave the way for personalized medicine and prescription. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from the data-driven business approach along the complete product value chain (quality by design). In this business area, we investigate the data challenges of different Life Science areas hand in hand with the domain experts in order to fully utilize the potential of Digital and Smart Health.

Selected Customers

MechaMed GmbH, RCPE GmbH, Human.Technology.Styria GmbH, CBMed GmbH, Medical University Graz, BioTechMed


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