Big Data Analysis

Key factors for better traffic models

People who are on the way on local highways can hardly oversee them – numerous sensors and cameras that are used for monitoring and evaluating the traffic. The situation in the subsequent street network (federal highways, municipal roads) presents itself totally different. There is hardly any traffic surveillance and therefore data that can be useful at the traffic modeling are missing. In order to have these data at hand in the future Know-Center started the development of a solution: in various research projects the potential of mobile radio data as additional source of sensor was analyzed. The thereby formed “QZ tool” enables with the help of big data techniques this data source to analyze, visualize and to calculate so-called source-aim movements within free defined cells.

With this the competence center developed a powerful tool that will facilitate the institute for street and traffic system to validate and improve traffic models. The project caused an international stir like the in the project developed filter algorithms to delete aberrations in mobile sensor data that is covered in the renowned „Journal of the Transportation Research Board“ (TRR).

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