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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


WFM - Workflow Management System

Kplus project 2001

The goal of this project is to evaluate, how a "Workflow Management System" is to integrate into a Document Management System (DMS) and what enhancements such a combination would achieve. The insights of a first evaluation phase flew into the more practical task of developing a "workflow management system" prototype…

eLearning as a Completion of traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2001

The project is carried out as a bilateral project with a well-known training institute specialized in computing instruction. Its preferred teaching method consists in conventional instruction, that is seminars in which a trainer teaches a group of learners the focal topics of the domain with the participants learning in front…

Generator for Interactive Multimedia Contents

Kplus project 2001

The generator project inquires and makes available concepts and technologies which allow for the integration of authoring tools for eLearning courses with the services and applications of web-based platforms. The project is divided into three phases: the analysis of requirements, the evaluation and comparison of different technologies for the presentation…

Management of Intellectual Capital

Kplus project 2001

Two aims are traced by the project. The first goal is to develop a methodology for the implementation of an instrument serving for the management of intellectual capital. Thereby the foundation for a consulting service should be layed. The methodology consists of a practice guideline instructing how such an implementation…

eLearning Study

Kplus project 2001

eLearning is a world-spanning and active area concerning research, development, and marketing. For the single company it is very demanding to get an overview upon, to analyse, and to observe the continuing changes in that domain. Since there is an on-going progress, especially concerning technology, this task becomes always more…

Study "Evaluation of internet-based Forms of Cooperation"

Kplus project 2001

The project is organized into the following three sections: Section 1: A classification of internet-based forms of cooperation and the results of an evaluation concerning synchronous, internet-based types of cooperation are presented. An overview upon current internet-based systems of cooperation, communication, and co-ordination together with a summary of their core…

DocClass - Hierarchical Document Classification

Kplus project 2001

Due to the permantently growing amount of textual data, automatic methods for organizing the data are required. Automatic text classification is one of these methods. Based on the textual content of the document, it automatically assigns documents to a predefined set of classes. Normally, the set of classes is hierarchically…

IMB-Intelligente Multimedia Bibliothek

Kplus project 2001

Goal of the project „Intelligente Multimediabibliothek“, which is German for „intelligent multimedia library“, was the design of a semantic retrieval framework and the implementation of a prototype demonstrating the possibilities for annotation, storage, indexing and retrieval of multimedia documents. The “ Multimedia Content Description Interface ” MPEG-7 is a common…

MPEG-4-Technical Study

Kplus project 2001

The rapid convergence of mobile communication, digital broadcasting and network infrastructures calls for rich multimedia content that is adaptive and responsive to the needs of citizens, businesses and public organisations. Context based approaches to production, management and exchange of digital content, together with higher levels of interactivity, are a key…

Visualisation of Hierarchical Knowledge Spaces

Kplus project 2001

The “InfoSky” project dealt with design and implementation of a system for interactive search and navigation in very large, hierarchically structured knowledge spaces. The metaphor of the information galaxy, where documents are represented as stars, groups of topically similar documents are represented as clusters of stars and hierarchical entities are…

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