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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


AVL - Big Measurement Data 2015

COMET project 2015

This project deals with methods for the retrieval, processing and analytics of large amounts of sensor data. Sensors that are installed in cars and trucks collect the data during test drives in real world conditions. The project tries to answer several questions amongst which the most important one aims at…

AutomationX, analysis and visualisation of Wiki-content

COMET project 2014

Projektinhalt ist die semantische Analyse der unstrukturierten Inhalten und, darauf basierend, die Realisierung von semantischen Suchverfahren und visuellen Methoden für Navigation und Exploration von Inhalten. In einem ersten Schritt werden die Seiteninhalte und die verknüpften Dokumente unter Verwendung semantischer Verfahren analysiert und es werden relevante Entitäten, wie z.B. Personennamen, Orte…

Infineon iBusinessIntelligence (iBI)

COMET project 2013

The goal of the project is to build an interactive system for efficient market analysis. This requires to gain an overview of the activity of competitors in a specific field and to find potential new customers in an area. Another use case is the recognition of new potential application fields.…

EEXCESS - Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific Resource

EU project 2013

EEXCESS’ vision is to unfold the treasure of cultural, scientific and educational long-tail content for the benefit of all users and to improve the interconnectedness between these three domains. For unfolding this treasure, EEXCESS focuses on the simple principle of bringing the content to the user, instead of brining the…


COMET project 2013

  TEST The goal of this project was the implementation and application of unsupervised machine learning techniques, particularly clustering, in the juridical domain. Using features like word groups and law references, documents were to be grouped automatically into statistically computed groups to provide guidance in the editorial process.   For…

Unycom semantic search technologies

COMET project 2013

  The goal of this project was the development of a search solution for documents in the area of patent management. The documents exist in various formats like Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF or Mails on net drives. These documents’ full text has been indexed with further meta data like date…


national project 2013

The planning and preparation of terrorist attacks is no longer solely done in closed groups ofactivists, but rely on the Internet and many of its services. Also lone operators with a need forapproval use the net for getting in touch and exchanging themselves with like-mindedpeople. Furthermore, the ad-hoc documentation of…

Visual Analysis of Project Portfolios

COMET project 2012

The project partner Onepoint provides its customers with a web-based tool for project management. The goal of this project is to design and implement a web-based visualisation component for comparative analysis of project information. The information about a project is available in detailed and aggregated forms containing, for example, planed…

CODE - Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

EU project 2012

CODE’s vision is to establish the foundation for a Web-based, commercially oriented ecosystem for Linked Open Data. This ecosystem establishes a sustainable and commercial value creation chain among traditional (e.g. data provider and consumer) and non-traditional (e.g. data analyst) roles in data marketplaces. CODE’s main use case focuses on research…

IBeat Conference visualisation

national project 2012

  In this project we wanted provide a visualization for the i-Know conference 2012. This included the whole program of the conference. Furthermore photos which were took during the conference (employees and web cam) and messages (employees) were displayed on a provided area, which were assigned to the appropriate presentations…

Know-Center Web site visualisation

national project 2012

In this project we wanted to renew some parts of our website. This mainly included the automatic generation of pages out of our data gathering. This included the areas “Downloads”, “Partner”, “Projects”, “Publications”, “Lectures”, “Dissertations” and “Memberships”. For all categories, we created a main page for getting an overview of…

Internal search solution

national project 2012

The Know-Center uses a net drive file storage as simple content management system to save all its documents. A search solution based on Knowminer components has been developed to search for about 90.000 documents on the net drive. Search requests can be formulated using a simple Web Frontend. Beside a…


national project 2012


Web-Based Visualisation of Project Knowledge Spaces

COMET project 2012

The project partner OnePoint provides a Web-based tool for management of project portfolios. Within this project a Web-based visual component for representing summarized project information was developed, with the goal of supporting decision making in management of project portfolios.  Each project is represented by a complex visual symbol reflecting the…

Visualisation of Semantic Graphs

COMET project 2012

The project partner m2n operates with large semantic graphs (Ontologies) and therefor needs an intuitive, scalable Web-based visualization component supporting interactive navigation and exploration of such graphs. Within the project a detailed user requirement survey is performed together with m2n. Based on the user requirements a flexible Web-based Software architecture…

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