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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


eLC - eLearning Check

Kplus project 2004

Concerning the integration of eLearning into enterprise training, an increasing acceptance is forecasted. This project dealt with to what extent the integration of eLearning into enterprise training is possible and meaningful. For assessing applicability of eLearning a readiness check in questionnaire form was developed. Surveyed data were statistically analysed, presented…

eLearning as a Completion of Traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2003

The cooperation between TDSP/I2F and the Know-Center Graz continues with preceding work from the years 2001 and 2002, i.e. collaboratively developing comprehensive offerings of high-quality learning content basing on a blended learning concept. The emphasis in this year's project was on three distinct areas of work: The learning content of…

eLearning as a Completion of traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2002

This project is an extension of the previously outlined one. Based on the former developed conception concerning the integration of eLearning into traditional instruction the following key aspects will be considered: Development and integration of tests for self-control. Prototypical realization of online-homeworks Development of a graphical layout for online contents…

eLearning in the Operational Training at Magna-Steyr

Kplus project 2002

For large companies as Magna-Steyr occupational training is a challenge of increasing importance. The demands which the employees and especially the knowledge workers are confronted with are changing continuously. Need for training and education is announced by the different strategic levels. To account for the educational requirements the development and…

SBX - Online Supplement for a Schoolbook in Biology

Kplus project 2002

One aim of the Austrian educational policy is the middle-term implementation of eLearning as an integral part of the teaching and learning methods in instruction. In the school year 2003/2004 for the first time the Austrian schoolbook campaign will offer a combination of print and online media. This can be…


Kplus project 2002

Currently, authoring tools serving for the construction of eLearning courses support the generation of teaching and learning contents in a very broad and global way. Next to the creation and making-up of course contents mostly these tools also allow for the implementation and management of tests and exams and/or additional…

eLearning as a Completion of traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2001

The project is carried out as a bilateral project with a well-known training institute specialized in computing instruction. Its preferred teaching method consists in conventional instruction, that is seminars in which a trainer teaches a group of learners the focal topics of the domain with the participants learning in front…

eLearning Study

Kplus project 2001

eLearning is a world-spanning and active area concerning research, development, and marketing. For the single company it is very demanding to get an overview upon, to analyse, and to observe the continuing changes in that domain. Since there is an on-going progress, especially concerning technology, this task becomes always more…


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