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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



COMET project 2013

  TEST The goal of this project was the implementation and application of unsupervised machine learning techniques, particularly clustering, in the juridical domain. Using features like word groups and law references, documents were to be grouped automatically into statistically computed groups to provide guidance in the editorial process.   For…

Unycom semantic search technologies

COMET project 2013

  The goal of this project was the development of a search solution for documents in the area of patent management. The documents exist in various formats like Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF or Mails on net drives. These documents’ full text has been indexed with further meta data like date…

Know-Center Web site visualisation

national project 2012

In this project we wanted to renew some parts of our website. This mainly included the automatic generation of pages out of our data gathering. This included the areas “Downloads”, “Partner”, “Projects”, “Publications”, “Lectures”, “Dissertations” and “Memberships”. For all categories, we created a main page for getting an overview of…

Internal search solution

national project 2012

The Know-Center uses a net drive file storage as simple content management system to save all its documents. A search solution based on Knowminer components has been developed to search for about 90.000 documents on the net drive. Search requests can be formulated using a simple Web Frontend. Beside a…

WIQ-EI: Web Information Quality Evaluation Initiative

EU project 2011

The mission of WIQ-EI is to develop mechanisms for estimating the quality of textual Web documents and to evaluate these mechanisms for their effectiveness and efficiency. This will be done on a global scale by organising researcher exchanges between renowned organisations from European and third countries which have their expertise…


national project 2011

Content providers and analysts increasingly rely on combining multiple data sources to build comprehensive, up-to-date, interlinked information spaces. Techniques for integrating data sources and tracking their evolution are crucial for achieving these goals. DIVINE (Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources) focuses on developing such techniques, where…

CDS Process-based Productivity Environment

Kplus project 2006

Process oriented Knowledge management deals with analysis, modelling, improvement and implementation of knowledge-bases business-processes within companies. In the 2005 Kooperationsprojektes with CONCEPT Data Systems (CDS) various analysis based on interview data have been carried out. Based on the thus gained experiences, processes of software engineering and customer relationship management (CRM)…

Know-Center Knowledge Map

Kplus project 2005

Knowledge maps are graphical directories of knowledge. Within this project such a knowledge map was created, describing the projects done by the Know-Center. One of the use cases of the knowledge map is the quick discovery of relevant knowledge, needed for the initialisation of a new project. This can either…


Kplus project 2005

A current trend in knowledge management is modelling of domain knowledge using ontologies. Most of the time the process of creating domain models happens independently from the resources present in the organizational memory of a company. Especially this connection between knowledge representation (such as an Ontology) and company data could…

EDB Retrieval

Kplus project 2005

In this project a search engine for data from the automotive industry was implemented. Data from an engeneering database can be searched as well as PDF documents (norms, project documents, ...). A simple user interface facilitates searching for relevant documents for users which are not experts in a particular engineering…


Kplus project 2004

This project aims to synthesize the experiences made upto now during the introduction of knowledge management to a uniform framework. The purpose of this framework is to describe the introduction process of knowledge management the way it is implemented at the Know-Center. This includes the generation of descriptions of procedural…

Meeting Efficiency Management

Kplus project 2004

Meeting Efficiency Management means the efficient and resource sparing management of the planning, design, realisation, and wrap-up of meetings and their results. In the context of Meeting Efficiency Management the following components should be considered and enhanced: Solution of problems in the context of meetings such as high travelling expenses,…

AD-HOC Learning

Kplus project 2003

Teaching and Learning are generally seen as conscious processes. At work these processes are rather unconscious: Experts don't have time to provide their know-how in a structured and advisory form. And novices just want to get information that is necessary to accomplish tasks fast and efficiently. The objective of this…

GKMS - Generic Knowledge Management System – Follow up

Kplus project 2003

The goal of this project is the design and partial implementation of an information warehouse for internal use in small companies under consideration of knowledge management aspects: different types of information such as e-mail, office documents, and company data are stored, structured, brought into context, and can be searched via…

onAIR- APA Intelligent Retrieval (Implementation)

Kplus project 2002

Reliably locating information within a database containing 20 million documents is a challenging task when only standard information re-trieval techniques may be used. In the preceding project, several en-hancements to retrieval algorithms and implementation techniques used in the current version of APA Defacto News Search have been suggested. In cooperation…


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