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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



EU project 2011

Organic.Lingua is an international ICT PSP project with the aim to build an automated multi?lingual service that facilitates the usage, exploitation and extension of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture and Agroecology. The project builds upon the Organic.Edunet Web portal that was developed in the context of the eContentplus…


Kplus project 2006

Austria is developing into a knowledge-based economy. As a result, the need for innovation and effectively dealing with knowledge is paramount for Austrian businesses. Apart from their knowledge and competencies, employees increasingly need to bring creativity to their workplaces, and be ready to deal with continuous change. Innovation activities pose…


Kplus project 2005

This project examined how quality management can be supported by technological knowledge management solutions. Two aspects were addressed: demonstrated, how typical processes in enterprises can be automated by technological systems. Thus on the one hand it is reached that processes in the enterprise will be executed as defined. On the…

Know-Center Knowledge Map

Kplus project 2005

Knowledge maps are graphical directories of knowledge. Within this project such a knowledge map was created, describing the projects done by the Know-Center. One of the use cases of the knowledge map is the quick discovery of relevant knowledge, needed for the initialisation of a new project. This can either…


Kplus project 2005

Within the project KnowFlow two tools for the business process based knowledge flow analysis within organizations were developed. KnowFlow Web enables the dynamic, business process based elicitation of knowl-edge flow relevant dimensions of an organization. An otherwise compli-cated interview process can thus be conducted via a dynamic web inter-face. This…

MOS Expert 2005

Kplus project 2005

The cooperation between TDSP/Institut 2F and the Know-Center Graz in the year 2005 bases upon preceding work from the years 2001 to 2004 and continues to collaboratively developing comprehensive offerings of high-quality learning content basing on a blended learning concept. Emphasis in this year’s project was on analysing expert-level training…

Software Reuse

Kplus project 2005

The goal of the project was to analyze the internal knowledge exchange in a small software development company, and to find ways to improve it. The focus was on knowledge exchange in software development and in customer support. Three instruments were used in the analysis phase: KnowFlow - developed by…


Kplus project 2005

A current trend in knowledge management is modelling of domain knowledge using ontologies. Most of the time the process of creating domain models happens independently from the resources present in the organizational memory of a company. Especially this connection between knowledge representation (such as an Ontology) and company data could…

E-Learning as a Completion of Traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2004

This project continues the past three years work which focused on the upgrading and consolidation of TDSP as a provider of high-level, broadly ranged courses based on blended learning. In 2004 two different fields are in the centre of attention. Emphasis in this year’s project was on analysing expert-level training…

EDM KnowFlow

Kplus project 2004

The Project EDMKnowFlow deals with the identification, analysis and support of knowledge processes at Magna Steyr based on modelled business processses. To achieve that, a software tool that allows for structured capturing and evaluation of knowledge flows elicited through process-oriented interviews is developed. The identified knowledge flows allow for deducing…

eLC - eLearning Check

Kplus project 2004

Concerning the integration of eLearning into enterprise training, an increasing acceptance is forecasted. This project dealt with to what extent the integration of eLearning into enterprise training is possible and meaningful. For assessing applicability of eLearning a readiness check in questionnaire form was developed. Surveyed data were statistically analysed, presented…

GC-Net - Gosch Consulting Business Supporting Knowledge Infrastructure

Kplus project 2004

Gosch Consulting GmbH is conducting various projects in the field of business consulting, knowledge management, and engineering. What they want to improve is their intranet solution that supports project management processes, disburdens project office activities, and supports project documentation and acquisition tasks. The aim of GC-Net is to analyse the…

HW-Retail I & II

Kplus project 2004

The task of the two "Retail"-Projects is to collect the requirements on modern Knowledge Management Systems out of a special industry sector perspective. The Retail-Projects aim to develop practical applications in the context of corporate eLearning and assured information delivery. Another goal is the presentation of specific benefit estimations of…

Meeting Efficiency Management

Kplus project 2004

Meeting Efficiency Management means the efficient and resource sparing management of the planning, design, realisation, and wrap-up of meetings and their results. In the context of Meeting Efficiency Management the following components should be considered and enhanced: Solution of problems in the context of meetings such as high travelling expenses,…

PLATOn II - Plant Production Administration and Trade Online

Kplus project 2004

The goal of this project is the implementation of Partner Relationship Management in order to improve an existing complex software application for plant production, administration and trade. In this follow up of the project started the year before, we improve the prototypic implementation of an information system in order to…


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