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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


Web-Based Visualisation of Project Knowledge Spaces

COMET project 2012

The project partner OnePoint provides a Web-based tool for management of project portfolios. Within this project a Web-based visual component for representing summarized project information was developed, with the goal of supporting decision making in management of project portfolios.  Each project is represented by a complex visual symbol reflecting the…

AutoFX 2007

Kplus project 2007

AutomationX provides software and services for designing, managing and visualising industrial processes. In the context of previous projects a large visualisation environment for developing and visualising process images was designed and implemented. The emphasis was on realization of conventional, two-dimensional user-interface methaphors in order to guarantee backward compatibility with already…

Competitive Intelligence

Kplus project 2007

The management of property rights is highly important due to the significance of the research and development activities in industry. The patent search returns information which is crucial for the innovation process, making it an integral part of the research and development activity. Patents contain strategic information concerning technology trends…

Innovation Marketplace

Kplus project 2006

This project seeks to research ways to provide e-Consulting services with innovative information and communication technology over an online market place. The purpose is to reduce the granularity of consulting services and find ways to enhance these services with special tools. The marketplace needs to provide information in an accessible…

eLearning Innovation

Kplus project 2003

The last years have seen a rapid growth of the importance of eLearning standards that support development, management and application of eLearning content. Among these standards are the industry standards of AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) and ADL/SCORM (Advanced Distributed Learning/Sharable Content Object Reference Model). In a cooperation project, the…


Kplus project 2002

Currently, authoring tools serving for the construction of eLearning courses support the generation of teaching and learning contents in a very broad and global way. Next to the creation and making-up of course contents mostly these tools also allow for the implementation and management of tests and exams and/or additional…

Management of Intellectual Capital

Kplus project 2001

Two aims are traced by the project. The first goal is to develop a methodology for the implementation of an instrument serving for the management of intellectual capital. Thereby the foundation for a consulting service should be layed. The methodology consists of a practice guideline instructing how such an implementation…

Study "Evaluation of internet-based Forms of Cooperation"

Kplus project 2001

The project is organized into the following three sections: Section 1: A classification of internet-based forms of cooperation and the results of an evaluation concerning synchronous, internet-based types of cooperation are presented. An overview upon current internet-based systems of cooperation, communication, and co-ordination together with a summary of their core…

MPEG-4-Technical Study

Kplus project 2001

The rapid convergence of mobile communication, digital broadcasting and network infrastructures calls for rich multimedia content that is adaptive and responsive to the needs of citizens, businesses and public organisations. Context based approaches to production, management and exchange of digital content, together with higher levels of interactivity, are a key…


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