Our Highlights

Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



EU project 2011

Organic.Lingua is an international ICT PSP project with the aim to build an automated multi?lingual service that facilitates the usage, exploitation and extension of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture and Agroecology. The project builds upon the Organic.Edunet Web portal that was developed in the context of the eContentplus…


national project 2007

The goal of the DYONIPOS project is to optimize and ease the modeling of business processes for organizations by utilizing semantic technologies. In the knowledge management department of the Know-Center a key research area of DYONIPOS is to analyze low-level usage data for identifying the actual task of a knowledge…

Semantic analysis of social software environments with multimedia content (SASU)

Kplus project 2007

The declared goal of SASU was to create (semantic) structures based on the resources available in an online social software environment with multimedia content (for this prototype: Flickr) and to use these structures to automatically tag new multimedia content. The generated structures are a picture-similarity-database, a term network based on…

Analysing semantic quality of collectivly created knowledge

Kplus project 2007

A buzzword in the Web 2.0 community is collective intelligence. Folksonomies, i.e., collectively created descriptions of different resources, as well as Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia, owe their success a huge community that creates and maintains information and knowledge within these existing structures. Naturally, these communities possess a high potential regarding…

CDS Process-based Productivity Environment

Kplus project 2006

Process oriented Knowledge management deals with analysis, modelling, improvement and implementation of knowledge-bases business-processes within companies. In the 2005 Kooperationsprojektes with CONCEPT Data Systems (CDS) various analysis based on interview data have been carried out. Based on the thus gained experiences, processes of software engineering and customer relationship management (CRM)…

Ontology Learning

Kplus project 2006

Innovative semantic technologies allow new ways of communication between information systems, as communication is not solely based on syntactical elements but also with regard to the semantics of information. Semantic systems support content-based search and allow easy collaboration of complex web-based services. Human-computer interaction as well as completely automated collaboration…


Kplus project 2005

A current trend in knowledge management is modelling of domain knowledge using ontologies. Most of the time the process of creating domain models happens independently from the resources present in the organizational memory of a company. Especially this connection between knowledge representation (such as an Ontology) and company data could…


Kplus project 2004

The [micro]electronic cluster is a network of diverse enterprises, training institutions and research centers in the field of microelectronics and electronics. WINform is a project funded by the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF). Here the Know-Center, engaged by the [micor]electronic cluster, acts as a consultancy for knowledge-management and technology. WINform…

Know-Center Intangible Assets Assessment

Kplus project 2004

The development and implementation of our internal intangible assets instrument has to goals. On the one hand it serves for collecting experiences, on the other hand the instrument serves for the internal communication, external reporting and strategic planning. Since the instrument has been developed in late 2001, it is implemented.…


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