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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


Visual Analysis of Project Portfolios

COMET project 2012

The project partner Onepoint provides its customers with a web-based tool for project management. The goal of this project is to design and implement a web-based visualisation component for comparative analysis of project information. The information about a project is available in detailed and aggregated forms containing, for example, planed…

User Context Detection and Attention Metadata Extraction

COMET project 2009

The term “user context” is used to describe a user’s computational environment (e.g. current task, recently opened documents, work environment). User contexts are formally described with ‘user context models’ and stored in ‘user profiles’. User context may be utilized in context based retrieval, context-aware applications or location-based services. Results from…


national project 2008

RAVEN (Relation Analysis and Visualization for Evolving Networks) combines distributed file-level intelligence data with application-level data from enterprise portals to build a comprehensive semantic repository of an organization’s information assets. A social layer is added by enabling users to release non-confidential interpersonal messages to the repository, and by extracting Microformats…


Kplus project 2006

Austria is developing into a knowledge-based economy. As a result, the need for innovation and effectively dealing with knowledge is paramount for Austrian businesses. Apart from their knowledge and competencies, employees increasingly need to bring creativity to their workplaces, and be ready to deal with continuous change. Innovation activities pose…

Ontology Learning

Kplus project 2006

Innovative semantic technologies allow new ways of communication between information systems, as communication is not solely based on syntactical elements but also with regard to the semantics of information. Semantic systems support content-based search and allow easy collaboration of complex web-based services. Human-computer interaction as well as completely automated collaboration…


Kplus project 2005

Within the project KnowFlow two tools for the business process based knowledge flow analysis within organizations were developed. KnowFlow Web enables the dynamic, business process based elicitation of knowl-edge flow relevant dimensions of an organization. An otherwise compli-cated interview process can thus be conducted via a dynamic web inter-face. This…

Software Reuse

Kplus project 2005

The goal of the project was to analyze the internal knowledge exchange in a small software development company, and to find ways to improve it. The focus was on knowledge exchange in software development and in customer support. Three instruments were used in the analysis phase: KnowFlow - developed by…

eLC - eLearning Check

Kplus project 2004

Concerning the integration of eLearning into enterprise training, an increasing acceptance is forecasted. This project dealt with to what extent the integration of eLearning into enterprise training is possible and meaningful. For assessing applicability of eLearning a readiness check in questionnaire form was developed. Surveyed data were statistically analysed, presented…

Recommend - People-Locator and Recommender Systems

Kplus project 2002

The objective of the recommend project is to meet retrieval needs of users in complex knowledge spaces. Experience has shown that it is important for users to be able to assess which knowledge carriers within the system are "similar" or "complementary" to others. Knowledge carriers can be users as well…

eLearning Study

Kplus project 2001

eLearning is a world-spanning and active area concerning research, development, and marketing. For the single company it is very demanding to get an overview upon, to analyse, and to observe the continuing changes in that domain. Since there is an on-going progress, especially concerning technology, this task becomes always more…

Visualisation of Hierarchical Knowledge Spaces

Kplus project 2001

The “InfoSky” project dealt with design and implementation of a system for interactive search and navigation in very large, hierarchically structured knowledge spaces. The metaphor of the information galaxy, where documents are represented as stars, groups of topically similar documents are represented as clusters of stars and hierarchical entities are…


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