Our Highlights

Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


Community Knowledge and Modelling Support Services

COMET project 2009

In recent times technologies, which boost online collaboration among employees over the “new Web”, became more important in corporation life. The understanding of these motives, terms and conditions form an important requirement to adopt social networking tools. Therefore the understanding of social networking can be further developed. Particularly with regard…

The Concept of a High Performance Workplace (HPW)

Kplus project 2007

The goal of this project was to develop a concept of a portal solution for the business area “Business Solutions” of the Telekom Austria. The solution indented to provide a central access point to the required information in the “Sales Process” (Presales, Sales/Distribution, Fulfillment) for all the employees of the…

Competitive Intelligence

Kplus project 2007

The management of property rights is highly important due to the significance of the research and development activities in industry. The patent search returns information which is crucial for the innovation process, making it an integral part of the research and development activity. Patents contain strategic information concerning technology trends…

Storage & Retrieval Framework for semantic data

Kplus project 2007

The range of electronically available products provided by Brockhaus are based on both technologies for efficiently managing a large amount of text and media and complex full-text based search techniques. In the last years the software architecture used in the realization was immensly extended and heterogenised due to numerous activities…

HW-Retail I & II

Kplus project 2004

The task of the two "Retail"-Projects is to collect the requirements on modern Knowledge Management Systems out of a special industry sector perspective. The Retail-Projects aim to develop practical applications in the context of corporate eLearning and assured information delivery. Another goal is the presentation of specific benefit estimations of…

Skills Management

Kplus project 2002

Skills Management examines employee competencies – knowledge, abilities and skills – in an organisation with the aim to make them more transparent, apply them and develop them further. The current project is a cooperation project between the Gosch Consulting, Hyperwave, Magna-Steyr and the Know-Center. It highlighted differnt aspects within the…


Kplus project 2002

Currently, authoring tools serving for the construction of eLearning courses support the generation of teaching and learning contents in a very broad and global way. Next to the creation and making-up of course contents mostly these tools also allow for the implementation and management of tests and exams and/or additional…

Generator for Interactive Multimedia Contents

Kplus project 2001

The generator project inquires and makes available concepts and technologies which allow for the integration of authoring tools for eLearning courses with the services and applications of web-based platforms. The project is divided into three phases: the analysis of requirements, the evaluation and comparison of different technologies for the presentation…

DocClass - Hierarchical Document Classification

Kplus project 2001

Due to the permantently growing amount of textual data, automatic methods for organizing the data are required. Automatic text classification is one of these methods. Based on the textual content of the document, it automatically assigns documents to a predefined set of classes. Normally, the set of classes is hierarchically…


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