Our Highlights

Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


Dynamic work-integrated authoring services for contextualized learning and collaboration

COMET project 2009

This project dealt with the ever increasing dynamics in organizational knowledge sources and structures. The project addressed two issues: First, authoring of content or engineering of knowledge structures is increasingly moved away from professional editors or knowledge engineers to domain experts in organizations who need to quickly convey small pieces…

Knowledge Extraction from Community Based Multimodal Repositories

COMET project 2009

In social tagging environments, users contribute content (news, blogs, pictures, videos, scientific articles etc.) and tag content contributed by themselves or others. The resulting data structures, connecting users, tags and content, are called foksonomies. The idea of the Semantic Web is to describe web content in an unambiguous and machine-readable…

Gyro- 3D Knowledge Web Visualisation

Kplus project 2004

"Der Brockhaus" is probably the most famous german encyclopaedia. In its multimedia edition, it offers recherche in 240.000 articles for 320.000 keywords. Information types include images and audio files as well as videos, animations, geographical data and many more. A knowledge web can be displayed for each encyclopaedia entry, showing…

eLC - eLearning Check

Kplus project 2004

Concerning the integration of eLearning into enterprise training, an increasing acceptance is forecasted. This project dealt with to what extent the integration of eLearning into enterprise training is possible and meaningful. For assessing applicability of eLearning a readiness check in questionnaire form was developed. Surveyed data were statistically analysed, presented…

Visualisation of Hierarchical Knowledge Spaces

Kplus project 2001

The “InfoSky” project dealt with design and implementation of a system for interactive search and navigation in very large, hierarchically structured knowledge spaces. The metaphor of the information galaxy, where documents are represented as stars, groups of topically similar documents are represented as clusters of stars and hierarchical entities are…


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