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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



COMET project 2013

  TEST The goal of this project was the implementation and application of unsupervised machine learning techniques, particularly clustering, in the juridical domain. Using features like word groups and law references, documents were to be grouped automatically into statistically computed groups to provide guidance in the editorial process.   For…

IBeat Conference visualisation

national project 2012

  In this project we wanted provide a visualization for the i-Know conference 2012. This included the whole program of the conference. Furthermore photos which were took during the conference (employees and web cam) and messages (employees) were displayed on a provided area, which were assigned to the appropriate presentations…

Web-Based Visualisation of Project Knowledge Spaces

COMET project 2012

The project partner OnePoint provides a Web-based tool for management of project portfolios. Within this project a Web-based visual component for representing summarized project information was developed, with the goal of supporting decision making in management of project portfolios.  Each project is represented by a complex visual symbol reflecting the…


national project 2011

Content providers and analysts increasingly rely on combining multiple data sources to build comprehensive, up-to-date, interlinked information spaces. Techniques for integrating data sources and tracking their evolution are crucial for achieving these goals. DIVINE (Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources) focuses on developing such techniques, where…

Topic Seismograph

COMET project 2010

The User Generated Content (UGC) Seismograph project aimed to provide for Kabel TV Wien, a local information provider, a pilot system for analysis of UGC with regional focus. Within the project a number of Web sources, such as Standard Online and ORF Online, have been crawled and analyzed, whereby the…

Topic Seismograph

COMET project 2009

The User Generated Content (UGC) Seismograph project aimed to provide for Kabel TV Wien, a local information provider, a pilot system for analysis of UGC with regional focus. Within the project a number of Web sources, such as Standard Online and ORF Online, have been crawled and analyzed, whereby the…

AutoFX 2007

Kplus project 2007

AutomationX provides software and services for designing, managing and visualising industrial processes. In the context of previous projects a large visualisation environment for developing and visualising process images was designed and implemented. The emphasis was on realization of conventional, two-dimensional user-interface methaphors in order to guarantee backward compatibility with already…

Competitive Intelligence

Kplus project 2007

The management of property rights is highly important due to the significance of the research and development activities in industry. The patent search returns information which is crucial for the innovation process, making it an integral part of the research and development activity. Patents contain strategic information concerning technology trends…

Storage & Retrieval Framework for semantic data

Kplus project 2007

The range of electronically available products provided by Brockhaus are based on both technologies for efficiently managing a large amount of text and media and complex full-text based search techniques. In the last years the software architecture used in the realization was immensly extended and heterogenised due to numerous activities…


Kplus project 2005

A current trend in knowledge management is modelling of domain knowledge using ontologies. Most of the time the process of creating domain models happens independently from the resources present in the organizational memory of a company. Especially this connection between knowledge representation (such as an Ontology) and company data could…

NTrace- Diffusion Analysis of News Data

Kplus project 2005

Press agency articles or news snippets are often cited, or copied as a whole, in publications or newspapers, with use and reuse of such material following distinct temporal patterns. Identification and tracking of such references or cites is of vital interest in many areas due to copyright and marketing issues.…

WebAtlas- Web based User Interface for Atlas Access (Implementation Phase)

Kplus project 2005

Common web-based geographical information systems mostly serve in tasks like route planning or locating postal adresses. Accordingly, such tools operate on very specific datasets which are often incomplete or inaccurate. The WebAtlas project targets prototypical development of an interactive, general, geographically correct world map. Information layers like satellite views, political…

AD-HOC Learning

Kplus project 2003

Teaching and Learning are generally seen as conscious processes. At work these processes are rather unconscious: Experts don't have time to provide their know-how in a structured and advisory form. And novices just want to get information that is necessary to accomplish tasks fast and efficiently. The objective of this…

SBX - Online Supplement for a Schoolbook in Biology

Kplus project 2002

One aim of the Austrian educational policy is the middle-term implementation of eLearning as an integral part of the teaching and learning methods in instruction. In the school year 2003/2004 for the first time the Austrian schoolbook campaign will offer a combination of print and online media. This can be…

eLearning Study

Kplus project 2001

eLearning is a world-spanning and active area concerning research, development, and marketing. For the single company it is very demanding to get an overview upon, to analyse, and to observe the continuing changes in that domain. Since there is an on-going progress, especially concerning technology, this task becomes always more…


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