Our Highlights

Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


WIQ-EI: Web Information Quality Evaluation Initiative

EU project 2011

The mission of WIQ-EI is to develop mechanisms for estimating the quality of textual Web documents and to evaluate these mechanisms for their effectiveness and efficiency. This will be done on a global scale by organising researcher exchanges between renowned organisations from European and third countries which have their expertise…


EU project 2011

Organic.Lingua is an international ICT PSP project with the aim to build an automated multi?lingual service that facilitates the usage, exploitation and extension of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture and Agroecology. The project builds upon the Organic.Edunet Web portal that was developed in the context of the eContentplus…


EU project 2009

STELLAR is an EU-funded Network of Excellence aimed at unifying and sustaining the multidisciplinary field of Technology Enhanced Learning. The Know-Center is involved with ... identifying the grand research challenge for TEL and withproviding a variety of Science 2.0 tools and technologies to support researchers in TEL.

Community Knowledge and Modelling Support Services

COMET project 2009

In recent times technologies, which boost online collaboration among employees over the “new Web”, became more important in corporation life. The understanding of these motives, terms and conditions form an important requirement to adopt social networking tools. Therefore the understanding of social networking can be further developed. Particularly with regard…

Information Diffusion

COMET project 2009

The project activities 2009 were aimed at identifying und using viral marketing for increasing the visibility of the cooperation partners’ offerings. In a first step named offerings had to be closely inspected and analysed. In a second step, a plan how to operationalize metrics, success factors and use cases had…


national project 2007

The goal of the DYONIPOS project is to optimize and ease the modeling of business processes for organizations by utilizing semantic technologies. In the knowledge management department of the Know-Center a key research area of DYONIPOS is to analyze low-level usage data for identifying the actual task of a knowledge…

Software Reuse

Kplus project 2005

The goal of the project was to analyze the internal knowledge exchange in a small software development company, and to find ways to improve it. The focus was on knowledge exchange in software development and in customer support. Three instruments were used in the analysis phase: KnowFlow - developed by…


Kplus project 2004

This project aims to synthesize the experiences made upto now during the introduction of knowledge management to a uniform framework. The purpose of this framework is to describe the introduction process of knowledge management the way it is implemented at the Know-Center. This includes the generation of descriptions of procedural…

QKnow - Qualitymanagement-based Knowledge Management

Kplus project 2003

This project aims to identify and support organizational knowledge processes based on business processes (according to ISO9001:2000) at the company Hyperwave. By comprehensively analyzing Hyperwave's business processes, a concept for the design of Hyperwave's new corporate intranet is developed. A prototype of this intranet is developed through the course of…

onAIR- APA Intelligent Retrieval (Implementation)

Kplus project 2002

Reliably locating information within a database containing 20 million documents is a challenging task when only standard information re-trieval techniques may be used. In the preceding project, several en-hancements to retrieval algorithms and implementation techniques used in the current version of APA Defacto News Search have been suggested. In cooperation…

DocClass - Market Study

Kplus project 2002

Main target of this project was to compare the text categorization systems from different companies and the last year developed prototype Know-CAESaC (Classification by Automatic Extraction of Semantics and Content). Focusing on the evaluation for adoption in Knowledge Management Systems, all aspects of text categorization regarding Knowledge Management are covered.…

WebRat- Interactive Visualisation and Analysis of Web Queries

Kplus project 2002

In the "WebRat" project we have combined the know-how and the exepriences acquired in other projects in the domain of Knowledge Retieval and Knowledge Visualisation to create a prototype tool for performing and refining Web search queries and and interactively visualising the result set. The retrieval and visualisation framework we…


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