Our Highlights

Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


IBeat Conference visualisation

national project 2012

  In this project we wanted provide a visualization for the i-Know conference 2012. This included the whole program of the conference. Furthermore photos which were took during the conference (employees and web cam) and messages (employees) were displayed on a provided area, which were assigned to the appropriate presentations…

Know-Center Web site visualisation

national project 2012

In this project we wanted to renew some parts of our website. This mainly included the automatic generation of pages out of our data gathering. This included the areas “Downloads”, “Partner”, “Projects”, “Publications”, “Lectures”, “Dissertations” and “Memberships”. For all categories, we created a main page for getting an overview of…

Community Knowledge and Modelling Support Services

COMET project 2009

In recent times technologies, which boost online collaboration among employees over the “new Web”, became more important in corporation life. The understanding of these motives, terms and conditions form an important requirement to adopt social networking tools. Therefore the understanding of social networking can be further developed. Particularly with regard…

MATURE – Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks

EU project 2008

MATURE is a large-scale integrating project (IP), co-funded by the European Commission, Unit for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) within Call 1 of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It runs from April 2008 to March 2012. The agility of organizations has become the critical success factor for competitiveness in a world characterized…

The Concept of a High Performance Workplace (HPW)

Kplus project 2007

The goal of this project was to develop a concept of a portal solution for the business area “Business Solutions” of the Telekom Austria. The solution indented to provide a central access point to the required information in the “Sales Process” (Presales, Sales/Distribution, Fulfillment) for all the employees of the…


Kplus project 2005

This project examined how quality management can be supported by technological knowledge management solutions. Two aspects were addressed: demonstrated, how typical processes in enterprises can be automated by technological systems. Thus on the one hand it is reached that processes in the enterprise will be executed as defined. On the…

QKnow II

Kplus project 2004

The project QKnowII aims to develop a technological platform for supporting employees of Hyperwave R&D Graz in the execution of project tasks. Based on results achieved during the predecessor project QKnow (performed in the year 2003), employees are supposed to receive comprehensive support for their respective business processes. This includes…

Know-Center Intangible Assets Assessment

Kplus project 2004

The development and implementation of our internal intangible assets instrument has to goals. On the one hand it serves for collecting experiences, on the other hand the instrument serves for the internal communication, external reporting and strategic planning. Since the instrument has been developed in late 2001, it is implemented.…

EWMS - Introduction of a Knowledge Management System at the Know-Center

Kplus project 2002

This project aimed to introduce the knowledge management system Hyperwave to the Know-Center and thereby replace existing IT-Infrastructre. The project takes all relevant technical, cultural and organizational aspects of introducing such a complex system to an organization into account. The introduced knowledge management system serves as a platform for indepth,…

eLearning in the Operational Training at Magna-Steyr

Kplus project 2002

For large companies as Magna-Steyr occupational training is a challenge of increasing importance. The demands which the employees and especially the knowledge workers are confronted with are changing continuously. Need for training and education is announced by the different strategic levels. To account for the educational requirements the development and…


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