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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



national project 2011

Content providers and analysts increasingly rely on combining multiple data sources to build comprehensive, up-to-date, interlinked information spaces. Techniques for integrating data sources and tracking their evolution are crucial for achieving these goals. DIVINE (Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources) focuses on developing such techniques, where…

Dynamic work-integrated authoring services for contextualized learning and collaboration

COMET project 2009

This project dealt with the ever increasing dynamics in organizational knowledge sources and structures. The project addressed two issues: First, authoring of content or engineering of knowledge structures is increasingly moved away from professional editors or knowledge engineers to domain experts in organizations who need to quickly convey small pieces…

Knowledge Extraction from Community Based Multimodal Repositories

COMET project 2009

In social tagging environments, users contribute content (news, blogs, pictures, videos, scientific articles etc.) and tag content contributed by themselves or others. The resulting data structures, connecting users, tags and content, are called foksonomies. The idea of the Semantic Web is to describe web content in an unambiguous and machine-readable…

MATURE – Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks

EU project 2008

MATURE is a large-scale integrating project (IP), co-funded by the European Commission, Unit for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) within Call 1 of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It runs from April 2008 to March 2012. The agility of organizations has become the critical success factor for competitiveness in a world characterized…

APA Labs

Kplus project 2007

The Austria Presse Agentur (APA) provides a range of services in the area of news media. For example, the generic APA PowerSearch technology provides customers with manifold search facilities, and APA also offers individual information services like press reviews, media feedback and news diffusion analysis. Although each of these media…

Competitive Intelligence

Kplus project 2007

The management of property rights is highly important due to the significance of the research and development activities in industry. The patent search returns information which is crucial for the innovation process, making it an integral part of the research and development activity. Patents contain strategic information concerning technology trends…

Analysing semantic quality of collectivly created knowledge

Kplus project 2007

A buzzword in the Web 2.0 community is collective intelligence. Folksonomies, i.e., collectively created descriptions of different resources, as well as Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia, owe their success a huge community that creates and maintains information and knowledge within these existing structures. Naturally, these communities possess a high potential regarding…

Graph Mining and visual analysis of graphs

Kplus project 2007

Relations between information objects represent a valuable source of knowledge and information. Special algorithms taking these relations into account, are necessary to exploit this new knowledge. The application areas are diverse, ranging from ranking of retrieval results to social network analysis, to name a few. The described project is a…


Kplus project 2006

Austria is developing into a knowledge-based economy. As a result, the need for innovation and effectively dealing with knowledge is paramount for Austrian businesses. Apart from their knowledge and competencies, employees increasingly need to bring creativity to their workplaces, and be ready to deal with continuous change. Innovation activities pose…

Know-Center Knowledge Map

Kplus project 2005

Knowledge maps are graphical directories of knowledge. Within this project such a knowledge map was created, describing the projects done by the Know-Center. One of the use cases of the knowledge map is the quick discovery of relevant knowledge, needed for the initialisation of a new project. This can either…

NTrace- Diffusion Analysis of News Data

Kplus project 2005

Press agency articles or news snippets are often cited, or copied as a whole, in publications or newspapers, with use and reuse of such material following distinct temporal patterns. Identification and tracking of such references or cites is of vital interest in many areas due to copyright and marketing issues.…

XTrend- Semiautomatische Medienresonanzanalyse

Kplus project 2005

Media resonance analysis deals with quantitative and qualitative analysis of news with regard to mentions of items of interest within selected thematic contexts. For example, the subject of the analysis could be whether a certain company is mentioned rather positively or rather negatively in the context of environment protection. Currently,…

Gyro- 3D Knowledge Web Visualisation

Kplus project 2004

"Der Brockhaus" is probably the most famous german encyclopaedia. In its multimedia edition, it offers recherche in 240.000 articles for 320.000 keywords. Information types include images and audio files as well as videos, animations, geographical data and many more. A knowledge web can be displayed for each encyclopaedia entry, showing…

QKnow - Qualitymanagement-based Knowledge Management

Kplus project 2003

This project aims to identify and support organizational knowledge processes based on business processes (according to ISO9001:2000) at the company Hyperwave. By comprehensively analyzing Hyperwave's business processes, a concept for the design of Hyperwave's new corporate intranet is developed. A prototype of this intranet is developed through the course of…

WFM-II - Workflow Management (Phase 2)

Kplus project 2002

The project "Workflow Management (Phase 2)" is the sequel to the project that started in 2001. The aim of this project is to evaluate, how a "Workflow Management System" is to integrate into a Document Management System (DMS) and what enhancements such a combination would achieve. The project concentrates on…


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