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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.



EU project 2011

Organic.Lingua is an international ICT PSP project with the aim to build an automated multi?lingual service that facilitates the usage, exploitation and extension of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture and Agroecology. The project builds upon the Organic.Edunet Web portal that was developed in the context of the eContentplus…

MIRROR – Reflective Learning at Work

EU project 2010

MIRROR will enable employees to learn lessons from their own and others experiences. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt from the Know-Center is the scientific leader of this innovative project. MIRROR is an EU funded project in the Technology-Enhanced Learning Unit. Its duration is four years (July 2010 – June 2014) with a…

User Context Detection and Attention Metadata Extraction

COMET project 2009

The term “user context” is used to describe a user’s computational environment (e.g. current task, recently opened documents, work environment). User contexts are formally described with ‘user context models’ and stored in ‘user profiles’. User context may be utilized in context based retrieval, context-aware applications or location-based services. Results from…

AutoFX 2007

Kplus project 2007

AutomationX provides software and services for designing, managing and visualising industrial processes. In the context of previous projects a large visualisation environment for developing and visualising process images was designed and implemented. The emphasis was on realization of conventional, two-dimensional user-interface methaphors in order to guarantee backward compatibility with already…

APOSDLE – A new way to work, learn and collaborate

EU project 2006

Lifelong Learning has become an essential ingredient for success within our knowledge society. The EU project APOSDLE develops a software platform and tools to support you to learn @ work: Learn within the context of your immediate work and within your current work environment. The new Advanced Process- Oriented Self-…

User Context and Associative Network

Kplus project 2006

For the integration of learning and working two aspects are of special importance: reliable modelling, identification and maintenance of the user’s context and the highly-associative finding of information, being relevant in a special user context. In the area of highly-associative finding of information two topics are of special importance "associative…

XTrend- Semiautomatische Medienresonanzanalyse

Kplus project 2005

Media resonance analysis deals with quantitative and qualitative analysis of news with regard to mentions of items of interest within selected thematic contexts. For example, the subject of the analysis could be whether a certain company is mentioned rather positively or rather negatively in the context of environment protection. Currently,…

ELARM - E-Learning, Asset and Rights Management

Kplus project 2004

Because of the outcome of our IMB market study it was decided to turn our IMB framework (see also years 2001-2003) into an asset management solution for e-Learning environments. Searching for tools and technologies that work as enabler for additional requirements we found ontologies and the MPEG-21 as main solutions…

HW-Retail I & II

Kplus project 2004

The task of the two "Retail"-Projects is to collect the requirements on modern Knowledge Management Systems out of a special industry sector perspective. The Retail-Projects aim to develop practical applications in the context of corporate eLearning and assured information delivery. Another goal is the presentation of specific benefit estimations of…

Meeting Efficiency Management

Kplus project 2004

Meeting Efficiency Management means the efficient and resource sparing management of the planning, design, realisation, and wrap-up of meetings and their results. In the context of Meeting Efficiency Management the following components should be considered and enhanced: Solution of problems in the context of meetings such as high travelling expenses,…


Kplus project 2004

Within the project QualityCosts, a trend-survey among Austrian and German quality managers was conducted. The study aimed to investigate how modern information technology can contribute to successful quality management initiatives. The results of the study corroborate the importance of information technology in the context of quality management and indicate tremendous…


Kplus project 2004

The [micro]electronic cluster is a network of diverse enterprises, training institutions and research centers in the field of microelectronics and electronics. WINform is a project funded by the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF). Here the Know-Center, engaged by the [micor]electronic cluster, acts as a consultancy for knowledge-management and technology. WINform…

GKMS - Generic Knowledge Management System – Follow up

Kplus project 2003

The goal of this project is the design and partial implementation of an information warehouse for internal use in small companies under consideration of knowledge management aspects: different types of information such as e-mail, office documents, and company data are stored, structured, brought into context, and can be searched via…

IMB- Intelligent Multimedia Bibliography

Kplus project 2003

Having created a framework of tools for semantic annotation and retrieval and storage and indexing of multimedia documents it was decided that in 2003 an extensive market study had to be done. Investigating lots of different products and vendors in different areas of interest allowed us to redefine the context…

KDS- Knowledge Discovery Space

Kplus project 2002

Goal of the "Knowledge Discovery Space" is in creating a concept for the development of Knowledge Management Systems based on the context based representation of multimedia content. Real-world modles like for example city maps are used as knowledge container and signpost. Using scalable visualisation approaches and innovative human computer interfaces…


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