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Based on knowledge technologies Know-Center develops intelligent apps, applications and systems that can be easily integrated in IT infrastructures or products.


AD-HOC Learning

Kplus project 2003

Teaching and Learning are generally seen as conscious processes. At work these processes are rather unconscious: Experts don't have time to provide their know-how in a structured and advisory form. And novices just want to get information that is necessary to accomplish tasks fast and efficiently. The objective of this…

GKMS - Generic Knowledge Management System – Follow up

Kplus project 2003

The goal of this project is the design and partial implementation of an information warehouse for internal use in small companies under consideration of knowledge management aspects: different types of information such as e-mail, office documents, and company data are stored, structured, brought into context, and can be searched via…

HWSA - Hyperwave Solution Approaches

Kplus project 2003

This project aimed to demonstrate functionality of the knowledge management system Hyperwave by means of typical business problems to support Hyperwave sales personnel in executing their sales processes. A developed demodataset, which is based on commonly implemented business processes, existing Hyperwave implementations and solutions, promises to ease the burden for…

MagIR - Magna Intelligent Retrieval

Kplus project 2003

This project targets design, development and introduction of a system for creating and managing presentations at Magna Steyr. Without a structured way of organisation an retrieval, the large number of presentations in use at Magna Steyr leads to multiple redundancies, increased workload and ambigious presentation of the company to the…

PLATOn - Plant Production Administration and Trade Online

Kplus project 2003

The goal of this project is the implementation of Partner Relationship Management in order to improve an existing complex software application for plant production, administration and trade. The 3 phases of this project are requirements elicitation evaluation of terminal services solutions to provide the existing software application to field staff…

QKnow - Qualitymanagement-based Knowledge Management

Kplus project 2003

This project aims to identify and support organizational knowledge processes based on business processes (according to ISO9001:2000) at the company Hyperwave. By comprehensively analyzing Hyperwave's business processes, a concept for the design of Hyperwave's new corporate intranet is developed. A prototype of this intranet is developed through the course of…


Kplus project 2003

(The description for this project is currently only available in German.) Bei VATECH HYDRO sind bereits eine Reihe von Maßnahmen und Projekten in Bearbeitung und Planung, die sich unter dem allgemeinen Titel "Wissensmanagement-Applikationen" zusammenfassen lassen. In diesem Projekt werden die strategischen, Einzelprojekt-übergreifenden Überlegungen zum Thema Wissensmanagement-Applikationen gebündelt. Das Projekt dient…

eLearning as a Completion of Traditional Training Methods in Computing Instruction

Kplus project 2003

The cooperation between TDSP/I2F and the Know-Center Graz continues with preceding work from the years 2001 and 2002, i.e. collaboratively developing comprehensive offerings of high-quality learning content basing on a blended learning concept. The emphasis in this year's project was on three distinct areas of work: The learning content of…

eLearning Innovation

Kplus project 2003

The last years have seen a rapid growth of the importance of eLearning standards that support development, management and application of eLearning content. Among these standards are the industry standards of AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) and ADL/SCORM (Advanced Distributed Learning/Sharable Content Object Reference Model). In a cooperation project, the…

RIAM - Regional Intangible Assets Monitor

Kplus project 2003

The goal of the project between Know-Center and Joanneum Research, Institute for Technology and Regional Policy, is to develop a methodology for the introduction of an Intangible Assets Monitor within a regional network or cluster. A broad review of current approaches provides a good overview of the state-of-the-art within the…

SBX - Online Supplement for a Schoolbook in Biology

Kplus project 2003

The cooperation between Leykam Buchverlags GmbH Nfg. & Co KG, Dynamic Media Softwareproduktions GmbH and the Know-Center Graz continued with preceding work from the year 2002, entering respectively extending the market of eLearning supplements for school books. The emphasis in this year's project was to develop a screenplay for one…

IMB- Intelligent Multimedia Bibliography

Kplus project 2003

Having created a framework of tools for semantic annotation and retrieval and storage and indexing of multimedia documents it was decided that in 2003 an extensive market study had to be done. Investigating lots of different products and vendors in different areas of interest allowed us to redefine the context…

KnowMiner - Multipurpose, Generic, Cross-media Retrieval and Visualisation Framework

Kplus project 2003

Depending on the results of the V-Markt project we will chose the directions for further developing the WebRat framework from the year 2002. Focusing at the identified core areas it should become an adaptable, configurable, general-purpose knowledge discovery framowork. Special attention should be given to handling very large amount of…

V-Markt - Study on the Market Demand for Visual Tools for Accessing Complex Knowledge Domains

Kplus project 2003

The increasing complexity of information and knowledge spaces in the last years has created new research challenges, with visual access systems being a particularly promising field. WebRat, a prototype visualisation system, adressing some of these problems, was implemented in the year 2002. The system was presented in a number of…

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