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The area “Services & Development” develops advanced methods for design, development, quality assurance, use and documentation of software components and services. Our objective is to provide support to the other areas at Know-Center at a professional level and, at the same time, to maintain and further develop components and frameworks.

It is the centerpiece of various projects that provides a direct interface to the user and brings the developed hardware to life: we are talking about software such as apps, computer programs or complex search technologies. No wonder that Know-Center established its own area that only deals with software services and development and is an ideal supplement to the four other areas of our competence.

The area Services & Development develops methods for design, development, quality assurance, use and documentation of software components and services, covering a wide range of activities. With that regard, we focus on expanding the results of other areas and bringing them to an even higher level via software development. These components are applied and adapted to customer specific requirements within projects with our industry partners. Experiences gained from working in the industry flow back to the research areas and inspire further research. We use our know-how in the areas of requirements definition, software development, test-based development or service-oriented architecture to support the research areas in their daily work.


The “Services & Development” Team provides the necessary competences for realizing software projects in a scientific environment. With regard to the requirement analysis, we use the expertise in the area of Ubiquitous Personal Computing.  Applying and combining individual procedures from the Area of Knowledge Discovery allows to gain useful information from documents. Information derived via natural language processing and machine learning is made searchable through retrieval methods. Social media recommender systems from the area “Social Computing” are applied to provide valuable information to users. With the help of visual analytics, information can be summarized via visual paradigms and presented to users via an intuitive interface.


  • In addition to projects with our industry partners, such as APA (Austria Press Agentur) or Siemens, we are working on our own developments to make them available as soon and as easily as possible to our current and future partners.

  • Know-Miner

    In the last thirteen years, we have developed and further advanced a search technology Know-Miner (, which can immediately be used under various new application scenarios and be swiftly and easily configured. This task was performed together with our industry partners InfoNova and Hyperwave.

  • With our services in the area of software development and, increasingly, in the development of mobile applications, we offer our partners a meaningful and sustainable technical implementation of different projects.

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