Cognitive Computing Systems

We make data-driven business possible by developing cognitive computing systems that combine the strengths of humans and machines.

Data-driven business refers to business models and business processes that create added business value out of data. Cognitive computing is out path to achieving the goal of making data-driven business of our corporate partners possible.

Cognitive computing with a difference

We understand cognitive computing as an approach to identifying people’s cognitive tasks that machines do better and this way leaving more room for tasks that people do better.

Often, cognitive computing emphasizes that computers should imitate human thinking (cognition) in order to learn from experience and be capable of natural (e.g., natural language) interaction with humans. All of this is important, and we focus on these issues. Yet our approach goes beyond that by concentrating on people in companies and enterprises who should remain or become successful as overall systems. In that regard, cognitive computing systems act as functional organs and an extension of human agents, in contrast to automation approaches under which machines replace humans.

Cognitive computing in our research Areas:

The areas Knowledge Discovery and Social Computing focus on data analytics. While Knowledge Discovery concentrates on statistics and machine learning, Social Computing concentrates on network analytical approaches.

The Knowledge Visualization Area focuses on man-machine interface, and the Ubiquitous Personal Computing Area focuses on integrating technology into everyday work.

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