Invited Lectures

Here you can find lectures of Know-Center employees

Talk (CODE Project) - "Linked Data in Context: Questions Matter"

KRD Vedran Sabol 2014

Linked Open Data has grown into a large and recognised source of data, however its uptake and commercial exploitation does not yet reflect its potential value. Two factors with potential to contribute to the value of data are correlating previously uncorrelated data and providing answers based on the data. We…

Big Data und Visual Analytics

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2014

The MIRROR Project - Reflective Learning at Work

KS Angela Fessl 2014

The overall objective of MIRROR is to empower and engage employees to reflect on past work performances and personal working experiences in order to learn in “real-time” and to creatively solve pressing problems immediately. MIRROR shall help employees to increase their level and breadth of experience significantly within short time…

Introduction to Altmetrics

KS Peter Kraker 2013

Data driven business

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Panel - Impulsvortrag IKT

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Wissensreifung im Unternehmen: wie unterstütze ich die Wissensreifung im Unternehmen und beschleunige damit Innovationsprozesse

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Science in a Time of Change - Is Open Science the Future?

KS Peter Kraker 2013

Pattern-based Analytics and Strategy

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Performer support The art to learn during work-

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Know-Center & Knowledge Technologies Institute at TUGraz

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Digital networked data – die Österreichische Plattform

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Daten sind der Rohstoff für Innovation

GF Stefanie Lindstaedt 2013

Head Start: Improving Academic Literature Search with Overview Visualizations based on Readership Statistics

KS Peter Kraker 2013

CODE: Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research

KRD Patrick Hoefler 2013

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