Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Evaluation of Pseudo Relevance Feedback Techniques for Cross Vertical Aggregated Search

H Ziak, R Kern – Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2015

Cross vertical aggregated search is a special form of meta search, were multiple search engines from different domains and varying behaviour are combined to produce a single search result for each query. Such a setting poses a number of challenges, among them the question of how to best evaluate the…

Unified Information Access for Knowledge Workers via a Federated Recommender System

H Gursch, H Ziak, R Kern – Mensch und Computer 2015 – Workshopba…, 2015 – Anette Weisbecker, Michael Burmester, Albrecht Schmidt

The objective of the EEXCESS (Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific reSources) project is to develop a system that can automatically recommend helpful and novel content to knowledge workers. The EEXCESS system can be integrated into existing software user interfaces as plugins which will extract topics and suggest…

Future Directions for Visualisation

K Andrews, J Pirker, V Sabol – Envisioning Visualisation Without Desktop Computing Workshop (co-located with IEEE VIS 20…, 2014

Beyond Search – How Modern Information Retrieval Techniques Make Knowledge Accessible

H Gursch, M Zoier, M Zechner, R Kern – Conference Proceedings - Grazer Symposium Virtuelles Fahrzeug, 2014

Grammar Checker Features for Author Identification and Author Profiling

R Kern – CLEF 2013 Evaluation Labs and Workshop – Working Notes Papers, 2013

Knowledge Extraction and Integration using Automatic and Visual Methods

V Sabol, R Kern, B Kump, V Pammer, M Granitzer – Position paper at PlanetData Project Strategic Workshop for Call 2, 2011

Visual Analyses on Linked Data – An Opportunity for both Fields

M Granitzer, V Sabol, W Kienreich, D Lukose, K Onn – The 2011 STI Semantic Summit, Riga, Latvia, 2011

APOSDLE-DS – A Dataset from the APOSDLE Work- integrated Learning System

G Beham, H Stern, S Lindstaedt – 1st Workshop on Recommender Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning (RecSysTEL 2010), 2010

Know-Center at TREC 2009 Blog Distillation Task: A Notebook Paper

E Lex, M Granitzer, A Juffinger – Notebook of TREC 2009, 2009

Application of Axiomatic Approaches to Crosslanguage Retrieval

R Kern, A Juffinger, M Granitzer – Working Notes for the CLEF 2009 Workshop, 2009

D-A-CH Wissensmanagement Glossar Version 1.0

M Bornemann, J Hofer-Alfeis, S Dückert, C Thurner, P Kraus – Online, 2009

Die gezielte Nutzung innerbetrieblicher Ressourcen für effektiven Kompetenztransfer

B Kump, C Christl, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the Professional Training Facts conference …, 2009 – Dworschak, B., Karapidis, A.

Die offene Ideenplattform "Neurovation": Förderung der Ideengewinnung für und im Unternehmen

A Köck, K Tochtermann, R Willfort – Proceedings, 2009 – Hornung-Prähauser, V., Luckmann, M.

Intentional Query Suggestion: Making User Goals More Explicit During Search

M Strohmaier, M Kroell, C Körner – Workshop on Web Search Click Data WSCD'09, 2009

Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Context Extraction

M Granitzer, M Kroell, C Seifert, A Rath, N Weber, O Dietzel, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of 2008 International Conferenc…, 2008


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