Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Unleashing Semantics of Research Data

F Stegmaier, C Seifert, R Kern, P Hoefler, S Bayerl, M Granitzer, H Kosch, S Lindstaedt, B Mutlu, V Sabol, K Schlegel, S Zwicklbauer – Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Big Data Benchmarkin…, 2012

Research depends to a large degree on the availability and quality of primary research data, i.e., data generated through experi- ments and evaluations. While the Web in general and Linked Data in particular provide a platform and the necessary technologies for sharing, managing and utilizing research data, an ecosystem supporting…

Where am I? Using Mobile Sensor Data to Predict a User’s Semantic Place with a Random Forest Algorithm

E Lex, O Pimas, J Simon, V Pammer – Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Comput…, 2012

Visual Ontology Alignment System - an Evaluation

V Sabol, K Onn, M Rauch, E Ulbrich, C Seifert, M Granitzer, D Lukose – Proceedings of SIGRA…, 2012 – Andreas Kerren, Stefan Seipel

Visualising the Fragmentation of Knowledge Work

V Pammer, S Edler, H Stern – Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Making Sense Throug…, 2012

User Models and Affective Metacognitive Scaffolding for Adaptive Games

L Pannese, D Morosini, A Moore, V Pammer – Accepted for publication at: Mini-Track User Profiling in Games-Based Learnin…, 2012

What Is Knowledge Visualization? Eight Reflections on an Evolving Discipline

S Bertschi, S Bresciani, T Crawford, R Goebel, W Kienreich, M Lindner, V Sabol, A Moere – Kn…, 2012 – Marchese, F. T., Banissi, E.

Vote/Veto Classification, Ensemble Clustering and Sequence Classification for Author Identification

R Kern, S Klampfl, M Zechner – CLEF 2012 Evaluation Labs and Worksho…, 2012 – Pamela Forner, Jussi Karlgren, Christa Womser-Hacker

Mood Tracking in Virtual Meetings

A Fessl, V Rivera-Pelayo, V Pammer, S Braun – 21st Century Learning for…, 2012 – A. Ravenscroft, S. Lindstaedt, C. Kloos, …

The Push and Pull of Reflection in Workplace Learning: Designing to Support Transitions Between Individual, Collaborativ…

M Prilla, V Pammer, S Balzert – Accepted for publication at: 7th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC…, 2012

The Functions of Sharing Experiences, Observations and Insights for Reflective Learning at Work

V Pammer, M Prilla, M Divitini – Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Lear…, 2012

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning

A Moore, V Pammer, L Pannese, M Prilla, K Rajagopol, W Reinhardt, T Ullmann, C Voigt – Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop o…, 2012

Matching Linked Open Data Entities to Local Thesaurus Concepts

P Wetz, H Stern, J Jakobitsch, V Pammer – CEUR-WS volume 932, 2012

Dynamic Topography Information Landscapes – An Incremental Approach to Visual Knowledge Discovery

K Syed, M Kroell, V Sabol, A Scharl, S Gindl, M Granitzer, A Weichselbraun – in Proceedings of the 14th International Co…, 2012

Incrementally computed information landscapes are an effective means to visualize longitudinal changes in large document repositories. Resembling tectonic processes in the natural world, dynamic rendering reflects both long-term trends and short-term fluctuations in such repositories. To visualize the rise and decay of topics, the mapping algorithm elevates and lowers related…

Evaluation of Folksonomy Induction Algorithms

M Strohmaier, D Helic, D Benz, C Körner, R Kern – In the ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 3(4), …, 2012

Computer support for reflective learning in the workplace: A model

B Krogstie, M Prilla, D Wessel, K Knipfer, V Pammer – Proceedings of the 12th IEEE Int…, 2012 – IEEE Computer Society Publications


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