Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

The Case for an Open Science in Technology Enhanced Learning

P Kraker, D Leony, W Reinhardt, G Beham – International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 2011

Where Science Becomes Innovation

S Lindstaedt – Public Service Review: European Science and Technology, 2011

Automatically Constructing Concept Hierarchies of Health-Related Human Goals

M Kroell, Y Fukazawa, J Ota, M Strohmaier – Fifth International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Managem…, 2011

To realize the vision of intelligent agents on the web, agents need to be capable of understanding people’s behavior. Such an understanding would enable them to better predict and support human activities on the web. If agents had access to knowledge about human goals, they could, for instance, recognize people’s…

A Preliminary Study on Interruptibility Detection based on Location and Calendar Information

H Stern, V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Third Workshop on Context-Systems Design, Evaluation and Optimisation (CoSDEO) 2011, D…, 2011

Bibliotheksgespräch - Future Internet und die Bibliotheskwelt

M Granitzer, K Tochtermann – Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie, 2011 – Niggemann, E., Schneider-Kempf, B.

Knowledge Extraction and Integration using Automatic and Visual Methods

V Sabol, R Kern, B Kump, V Pammer, M Granitzer – Position paper at PlanetData Project Strategic Workshop for Call 2, 2011

A User Centred Approach for Quality Assessment in Social Systems

N Weber, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of KMIS 2011 - International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Shar…, 2011

A Visual SOA-based Ontology Alignment Tool

K Onn, V Sabol, M Granitzer, W Kienreich, D Lukose – in Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Ontology Matc…, 2011

A Comparison of Metadata Extraction Techniques for Crowdsourced Bibliographic Metadata Management

M Granitzer, M Hristakeva, K Jack, K Robert – 2011

Realtime Ad Hoc Search in Twitter: Know-Center at TREC Microblog Track 2011

C Horn, O Pimas, M Granitzer, E Lex – Proceedings of TREC 2011, 2011

Social Validation of INSPIRE Standards Using Online Communities

L Maurer, P Hoefler – Proceedings of EnviroInfo 2011, Ispra, Italy, 2011

Applications of Semantic Wikis - Bringing Complementary Models and People Together: A Semantic Wiki for Enterprise Proce…

M Erdmann, D Hansch, V Pammer, M Rospocher, C Ghidini, S Lindstaedt, L Serafini – Con…, 2011 – Warren, P., Davies, J., Simperl, E.

Evaluation of social media collaboration using task-detection methods

M Johannes, N Weber, H Stern, K Joachim, U Cress, S Lindstaedt – Accepted at ECTEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, 20-23 September…, 2011

Evaluating Adaptive Work-integrated Learning Systems: From the Lab to the Field

B Kump, T Ley, S Lindstaedt – Accepted at ECTEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, 20-23 September 2011, 2011

The role of Reflection in Maturing Organizational Know-how

B Kump, K Knipfer, V Pammer, A Schmidt, R Maier, C Kunzmann, U Cress, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of the 1st European Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks, Palermo, Italy, Septemb…, 2011 – Reinhardt, W., Ullmann, T. D., Scott, …


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