Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Learning With Social Semantic Technologies - Exploiting Latest Tools

G Granitzer, K Tochtermann, P Hoefler – International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), Vol 3, 2008

Different Degrees of Explicitness in Intentional Artifacts - Studying User Goals in a Large Search Query Log

M Strohmaier, P Prettenhofer, M Kroell – International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction ADMI'08, 2008

A Network Model Approach to Retrieval in the Semantic Web

P Scheir, S Lindstaedt, C Ghidini – International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, Vol. 4, Issu…, 2008 – Sheth, A.

Collaborative enterprise integrated modelling

M Rospocher, C Ghidini, L Serafini, B Kump, V Pammer, S Lindstaedt, A Faatz, T Ley – Proceedings of the 5th Internationa…, 2008

Context Resolution Strategies for Automatic Wikipedia Linking

M Granitzer, C Seifert, M Zechner – INEX 2008 pre-proceedings, Dagstuhl, Germany, 2008 – Geva, S., Kamps, J., Trotman, A.

Datenschutzfragen bei der Etablierung einer Arbeitsprozess-integrierten e-Learning-Lösung

A Zinnen, S Hambach, A Faatz, S Lindstaedt, G Beham, E Godehardt, M Goertz, R Lokaiczyk – Gesellschaft für …, 2008 – Seehusen, S.

A generic framework for visualizing the news article domain and its application to real-world data

E Lex, C Seifert, W Kienreich, M Granitzer – Journal of Digital Information Management, 2008

Discovery and evaluation of non-taxonomic relations in domain ontologies

A Weichselbraun, G Wohlgenannt, A Scharl, M Granitzer, T Neidhart, A Juffinger – International Journal of Metadata, Sema…, 2008

Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Context Extraction

M Granitzer, M Kroell, C Seifert, A Rath, N Weber, O Dietzel, S Lindstaedt – Proceedings of 2008 International Conferenc…, 2008

Modelling Competencies for Supporting Work-integrated Learning in Knowledge Work

T Ley, A Ulbrich, P Scheir, S Lindstaedt, B Kump, D Albert – Journal of Knowledge Management, , 2008

Purpose Tagging - Capturing User Intent to Assist Goal-Oriented Social Search

M Strohmaier – SSM'08 Workshop on Search in Social Media, 2008

Collaborative enterprise integrated modelling

C Ghidini, M Rospocher, L Serafini, A Faatz, B Kump, T Ley, V Pammer, S Lindstaedt – Poster Session at the 16th Internat…, 2008

Deploying semantic web technologies for work integrated learning in industry. A comparison: SME vs. large sized company

C Christl, C Ghidini, J Guss, S Lindstaedt, V Pammer, P Scheir, L Serafini – Proceedings of the ISWC 2008, 7th Internati…, 2008

Service-orientiertes Wissensmanagement - Das Ende der traditionellen Wissensmanagementsysteme?

K Tochtermann, G Granitzer, T Vollmer – Beitrag in Buch zur KnowTech, 8.-9. Oktober 20087, Frankfurt am Main, 2008

Anwendungen und Technologien des Web 2.0: Eine Einführung

A Stocker, K Tochtermann – Social Semantic Web, Springer Verlag, 2008., 2008 – Pellegrini, T., Blumauer, A.


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