Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Making Sense of Microposts at Scientific Conferences

P Kraker, F Jeanquartier – 2nd Workshop on Making Sense of Microposts at WWW'2012, 2012

On the Way to a Science Intelligence: Visualizing TEL Tweets for Trend Detection

P Kraker, C Wagner, F Jeanquartier, S Lindstaedt – Sixth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 201…, 2011

iAPOSDLE – An Approach to Mobile Work-Integrated Learning

G Beham, F Jeanquartier, S Lindstaedt – Sustaining TEL: From Innovation…, 2010 – Wolpers, M., Kirschner, P. A., Scheffel, …

Intent Tag Clouds: An Intentional Approach To Visual Text Analysis

F Jeanquartier, M Kroell, M Strohmaier – Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Multimedia Database Technologies, 10th …, 2009

Getting a quick impression of the author's intention of a text is a task often performed. An author's intention plays a major role in successfully understanding a text. For supporting readers in this task, we present an intentional approach to visual text analysis, making use of tag clouds. The objective…

Neurovation - Kreativitätstool für Knowledge Worker

T Ley, F Jeanquartier, A Köck – In R. Willfort, K. Tochtermann, A. Neubauer (Hrsg.): Creativity@Work für Wissensarbeit, 2007


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