Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Research Data Explored II: the Anatomy and Reception of figshare

P Kraker, E Lex, J Goarriz, C Gumpenberger, I Peters – Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Science and T…, 2015

Research Data Explored: Citations versus Altmetrics

I Peters, P Kraker, E Lex, C Gumpenberger, J Goarriz – 15th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, 2015

The study explores the citedness of research data, its distribution over time and how it is related to the availability of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) in Thomson Reuters' DCI (Data Citation Index). We investigate if cited research data "impact" the (social) web, reflected by altmetrics scores, and if there…

A Critical Look at the ResearchGate Score as a Measure of Scientific Reputation

P Kraker, E Lex – Quantifying and Analysing Scholarly Communication on the Web (ASCW’15 at ACM Web Science), 2015

The Quest for Keeping an Overview: Knowledge Domain Visualizations based on Co-Readership Patterns

P Kraker, C Schlögl, K Jack, S Lindstaedt – IEEE STCSN-E-Letter, 2015

Why Open Science is Good for Citizen Science

P Kraker, M Vignoli, S Kasberger –, 2015 – OeAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst)

Paving the way for Science 2.0: top-down and bottom-up approaches

M Vignoli, P Kraker, A Sevault – International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government (CEDEM'15), 2015

Science 2.0 is the current trend towards using Web 2.0 tools in research and practising a more open science. We are currently at the beginning of a transition phase in which traditional structures, processes, value systems, and means of science communication are being put to the proof. New strategies and…

Exploring Coverage and Distribution of Identifiers on the Scholarly Web

P Kraker, A Enkhbayar, E Lex – Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium of Information Science - ISI 2015, 2015

Open Science in Austria: Approaches and Status

K Buschmann, S Kasberger, P Kraker, K Mayer, F Reckling, K Rieck, M Vignoli – Information. Wissenschaft und Praxis, 2015

Visualization of co-readership patterns from an online reference management system

P Kraker, C Schlögl, K Jack, S Lindstaedt – Journal of Informetrics, 2015

In this paper, we analyze the adequacy and applicability of readership statistics recorded in social reference management systems for creating knowledge domain visualizations. First, we investigate the distribution of subject areas in user libraries of educational technology researchers on Mendeley. The results show that around 69% of the publications in…

Altmetrics-based Visualizations Depicting the Evolution of a Knowledge Domain

P Kraker, P Weißensteiner, P Brusilovsky – 19th International Conference on Science and Technology Inidicators (STI 201…, 2014

Comparison of downloads, citations and readership data for two information systems journals

C Schlögl, J Goarriz, C Gumpenberger, K Jack, P Kraker – Scientometrics, 2014

In our article we compare downloads from ScienceDirect, citations from Scopus and readership data from the social reference management system Mendeley for articles from two information systems journals ("Journal of Strategic Information Systems" and "Information and Management") published between 2002 and 2011. Our study shows a medium to high correlation…

What Really Works: Reflections on Applied Methods in a Real World Interdisciplinary Project

E Lex, P Kraker, S Dennerlein – Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Coups to Calamities Workshop at ACM Web Science 201…, 2014

Today's data driven world requires interdisciplinary, team-oriented approaches: experts from di fferent disciplines are needed to collaboratively solve complex real-world problems. Interdisciplinary teams face a set of challenges that are not necessarily encountered by unidisciplinary teams, such as organisational culture, mental and nancial barriers. We share our experiences with interdisciplinary teamwork…

Download vs. Citation vs. Readership Data: The Case of an Information Systems Journal

C Schlögl, J Goarriz, C Gumpenberger, K Jack, P Kraker – 14th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics …, 2014

A comparison of citations, downloads and readership data for an information systems journal

C Schlögl, J Goarriz, C Gumpenberger, K Jack, P Kraker – Research Trends, 2014

Assessing Barcamps: Incentives for Participation in Ad-Hoc Conferences and the Role of Social Media

S Dennerlein, R Gutounig, P Kraker, R Kaiser, R Rauter, J Ausserhofer – Proceedings of I-KNOW 2013 11 4-6.September 2010…, 2013


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