Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Providing Varying Degrees of Guidance for Work-Integrated Learning

S Lindstaedt, B Kump, G Beham, V Pammer, T Ley, A Dotan, R de Hoog – Su…, 2010 – Wolpers, M., Kirschner, P. A., Scheffel, …

Supporting the Learning Dimension of Knowledge Work

S Lindstaedt, M Aehnelt, R de Hoog – Learning in the Synergy of Multiple Disciplines…, 2009 – Cress, U., Dimitrova, V., Specht, M.

APOSDLE: Contextualized Collaborative Knowledge Work Support

S Lindstaedt, R de Hoog, M Aehnelt – Supplementary Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Computer Supported Coo…, 2009

Context and Scripts: Supporting Interactive Work-Integrated Learning

M Aehnelt, S Hambach, P Müsebeck, R de Hoog, J Kooken, M Musielak, S Lindstaedt – Computer Supported Collaboration Learning Practices, CSCL09, 8-13 June 2…, 2009 – Dimitracopoulou A., O’Malley, C., Suthers D., …

How Do People Learn at the Workplace? Investigating Four Workplace Learning Assumptions

J Kooken, T Ley, R de Hoog – in: Duval, E., Klamma, R., Wolpers, M. (Eds.), Creating New Learning Experiences on a Globa…, 2007


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