Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Towards Authorship Attribution for Bibliometrics using Stylometric Features

A Rexha, S Klampfl, M Kröll, R Kern – Mining Scientific Papers: Computational Linguistics and Bibliometrics, 2015

The overwhelming majority of scientific publications are authored by multiple persons; yet, bibliographic metrics are only assigned to individual articles as single entities. In this paper, we aim at a more fine-grained analysis of scientific authorship. We therefore adapt a text segmentation algorithm to identify potential author changes within the…

Exploring Time Relations in Semantic Graphs

R Wozelka, M Kröll, V Sabol – Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015, Visualization and Interactive Graphics in Computer Games and …, 2015

The analysis of temporal relationships in large amounts of graph data has gained significance in recent years. Information providers such as journalists seek to bring order into their daily work when dealing with temporally distributed events and the network of entities, such as persons, organisations or locations, which are related…


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