Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Beyond Search – How Modern Information Retrieval Techniques Make Knowledge Accessible

H Gursch, M Zoier, M Zechner, R Kern – Conference Proceedings - Grazer Symposium Virtuelles Fahrzeug, 2014

Exploiting Wiktionary for Lightweight Part-of-Speech Tagging for Machine Learning Tasks

M Zechner, S Klampfl, R Kern – DATA ANALYTICS 2013, The Second International Conference on Data Analytics, 2013 – F. Laux

A User-interaction Approach in an Information-cockpit

C Kaiser, S Softic, V Sabol, M Zechner – in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web Information Systems a…, 2013

Vote/Veto Classification, Ensemble Clustering and Sequence Classification for Author Identification

R Kern, S Klampfl, M Zechner – CLEF 2012 Evaluation Labs and Worksho…, 2012 – Pamela Forner, Jussi Karlgren, Christa Womser-Hacker

Vote/Veto Meta-Classifier for Authorship Identification

R Kern, C Seifert, M Zechner, M Granitzer – 3rd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection, 2011

Model Selection Strategies for Author Disambiguation

R Kern, M Zechner, M Granitzer – IEEE Computer Society: 8th International Workshop on Text-based Information Retrieval i…, 2011

External and Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection using a Cross-Lingual Retrieval and Segmentation System Lab Report for PAN a…

M Muhr, R Kern, M Zechner, M Granitzer – 2nd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection, 2010

K-Means on the Graphics Processor: Design And Experimental Analysis

M Zechner, M Granitzer – International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements, Volume 2, Number 2&…, 2009 – Paleologu, C.

A Competitive Learning Approach to Instance Selection for Support Vector Machines

M Zechner, M Granitzer – To appear in: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering…, 2009

External and Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection Using Vector Space Models

M Muhr, M Zechner, R Kern, M Granitzer – Proceedings of the SEPLN'09 Workshop on Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship and S…, 2009

Accelerating K-Means on the Graphics Processor via CUDA

M Zechner, M Granitzer – Proceedings of the 2009 First International Conference on Intensive Applications and Services (…, 2009

Context based Wikipedia Linking

M Granitzer, C Seifert, M Zechner – Advances in Focused Retrieval 7th International Work…, 2009 – Geva, S., Kamps, J., Trotman, A.

Context Resolution Strategies for Automatic Wikipedia Linking

M Granitzer, C Seifert, M Zechner – INEX 2008 pre-proceedings, Dagstuhl, Germany, 2008 – Geva, S., Kamps, J., Trotman, A.

Evaluation of Automatic Linking Strategies for Wikipedia Pages

M Granitzer, M Zechner, C Seifert, J Kolbitsch, P Kemper, R In't Velt – Proceedings of the IADIS WWW/Internet Conference…, 2008

Scalable Realtime Glyph Rendering on Consumer Level Graphics Hardware: A Hybrid Approach

M Zechner, W Kienreich – Proceedings of VIIP07 - 7th IASTED Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing, 2007


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