Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Towards Authorship Attribution for Bibliometrics using Stylometric Features

A Rexha, S Klampfl, M Kröll, R Kern – Mining Scientific Papers: Computational Linguistics and Bibliometrics, 2015

The overwhelming majority of scientific publications are authored by multiple persons; yet, bibliographic metrics are only assigned to individual articles as single entities. In this paper, we aim at a more fine-grained analysis of scientific authorship. We therefore adapt a text segmentation algorithm to identify potential author changes within the…

Machine Learning Techniques for Automatically Extracting Contextual Information from Scientific Publications

S Klampfl, R Kern – Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge (Semantic Publishing Challenge, ESWC 2015), 2015

Scholarly publishing increasingly requires automated systems that semantically enrich documents in order to support management and quality assessment of scientific output. However, contextual information, such as the authors' affiliations, references, and funding agencies, is typically hidden within PDF files. To access this information we have developed a processing pipeline that…

Detecting Outliers in Cell Phone Data: Correcting Trajectories to Improve Traffic Modeling

C Horn, S Klampfl, M Cik, T Reiter – Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2014

Using cell phone signaling data for traffic modeling has great potential. Due to the high coverage rate, it can be used in addition to stationary sensors or even act as replacement when deploying stationary sensors is not possible and/or too expensive. Though, one must be aware that cell phone signaling…

Towards a Marketplace for the Scientific Community: Accessing Knowledge from the Computer Science Domain

M Kroell, S Klampfl, R Kern – International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications @ Digital Libraries, 2014

As scientific output is constantly growing, it is getting more and more important to keep track not only for researchers but also for other scientific stakeholders such as funding agencies or research companies. Each stakeholder values different types of information. A funding agency, for instance, might be rather interested in…

A Comparison of Two Unsupervised Table Recognition Methods from Digital Scientific Articles

S Klampfl, K Jack, R Kern – 3rd International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, 2014

In digital scientific articles tables are a common form of presenting information in a structured way. However, the large variability of table layouts and the lack of structural information in digital document formats pose significant challenges for information retrieval and related tasks. In this paper we present two table recognition…

Unsupervised document structure analysis of digital scientific articles

S Klampfl, M Granitzer, K Jack, R Kern – International Journal on Digital Libraries, 2014

Text mining and information retrieval in large collections of scientific literature require automated processing systems that analyse the documents' content. However, the layout of scientific articles is highly varying across publishers, and common digital document formats are optimised for presentation, but lack structural information. To overcome these challenges, we have…

Exploiting Wiktionary for Lightweight Part-of-Speech Tagging for Machine Learning Tasks

M Zechner, S Klampfl, R Kern – DATA ANALYTICS 2013, The Second International Conference on Data Analytics, 2013 – F. Laux

An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Body Text and Table of Contents Extraction from Digital Scientific Articles

S Klampfl, R Kern – Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libra…, 2013 – T. Aalberg, C. Papatheodorou, M. Dobreva, …

Extraction of References Using Layout and Formatting Information from Scientific Articles

R Kern, S Klampfl – 2nd International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, 2013

Vote/Veto Classification, Ensemble Clustering and Sequence Classification for Author Identification

R Kern, S Klampfl, M Zechner – CLEF 2012 Evaluation Labs and Worksho…, 2012 – Pamela Forner, Jussi Karlgren, Christa Womser-Hacker


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