Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Linked Data Query Wizard: A Novel Interface for Accessing SPARQL Endpoints

P Hoefler, M Granitzer, E Veas, C Seifert – Proceedings of Linked Data on the Web (LDOW) @ WWW 2014, 2014

In an interconnected world, Linked Data is more important than ever before. However, it is still quite difficult to access this new wealth of semantic data directly without having in-depth knowledge about SPARQL and related semantic technologies. Also, most people are currently used to consuming data as 2-dimensional tables. Linked…

Visual Analysis and Knowledge Discovery for Text

C Seifert, V Sabol, W Kienreich, E Lex, M Granitzer – Large-…, 2014 – Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Abderrahim Labbi (eds., IBM …

Crowdsourcing Fact Extraction from Scientific Literature

C Seifert, M Granitzer, P Hoefler, B Mutlu, V Sabol, K Schlegel, S Bayerl, F Stegmaier, S Zwicklbauer, R Kern – Proceedi…, 2013

Text Representation for Efficient Document Annotation

C Seifert, E Ulbrich, R Kern, M Granitzer – Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2013 – Christian Gütl

Unleashing Semantics of Research Data

F Stegmaier, C Seifert, R Kern, P Hoefler, S Bayerl, M Granitzer, H Kosch, S Lindstaedt, B Mutlu, V Sabol, K Schlegel, S Zwicklbauer – Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Big Data Benchmarkin…, 2012

Research depends to a large degree on the availability and quality of primary research data, i.e., data generated through experi- ments and evaluations. While the Web in general and Linked Data in particular provide a platform and the necessary technologies for sharing, managing and utilizing research data, an ecosystem supporting…

Visual Ontology Alignment System - an Evaluation

V Sabol, K Onn, M Rauch, E Ulbrich, C Seifert, M Granitzer, D Lukose – Proceedings of SIGRA…, 2012 – Andreas Kerren, Stefan Seipel

Visual Exploration of Feature-Class Matrices for Classification Problems

W Kienreich, C Seifert – in Proceedings of the 3rd international Eurovis workshop on visual analytics (EuroVA 2012), 2012

Seeing What the System Thinks You Know - Visualizing Evidence in an Open Learner Model

B Kump, C Seifert, G Beham, S Lindstaedt, T Ley – accepted for the LAK Conference 2012, Vancouver, British Columbia, Can…, 2012

Graph Visualization Using Hierarchical Edge Routing and Bundling

W Kienreich, R Wozelka, V Sabol, C Seifert – in Proceedings of the 3rd international Eurovis workshop on visual analytic…, 2012

Vote/Veto Meta-Classifier for Authorship Identification

R Kern, C Seifert, M Zechner, M Granitzer – 3rd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection, 2011

Word Clouds for Efficient Document Labeling

C Seifert, E Ulbrich, M Granitzer – The Fourteenth International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2011), Lecture Note…, 2011

A Hybrid System for German Encyclopedia Alignment

R Kern, C Seifert, M Granitzer – International Journal on Digital Libraries, 2011

Visualizing Text Classification Models with Voronoi Word Clouds

C Seifert, W Kienreich, M Granitzer – Proceedings 15th International Conference Information Visualisation (IV), 2011

User-based active learning

C Seifert, M Granitzer – International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (Worksh…, 2010 – Fan, W., Hsu, W.,Webb, G. I., …

An Application of Edge Bundling Techniques to the Visualization of Media Analysis Results

W Kienreich, C Seifert – IV2010: International Conference on Information Visualization, 2010 – IEEE Computer Society Press


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