Here you can find scientific publications of Know-Center employees

Knowminer Search - a Multi-Visualisation Collaborative Approach to Search Result Analysis

M Rauch, W Klieber, R Wozelka, S Singh, V Sabol – Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Information Visual…, 2015

The amount of information available on the internet and within enterprises has reached an incredible dimension. Efficiently finding and understanding information and thereby saving resources remains one of the major challenges in our daily work. Powerful text analysis methods, a scalable faceted retrieval engine and a well-designed interactive user interface…

Semantically enhanced Software Documentation Processes

W Klieber, M Granitzer, M Gaisbauer, K Tochtermann – Journal, 2010 – Serdica Journal of Computing

Using Ontologies For Software Documentation

W Klieber, V Sabol, M Muhr, M Granitzer – Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2009, 2009

Visual Knowledge Discovery in Dynamic Enterprise Text Repositories

V Sabol, W Kienreich, M Muhr, W Klieber, M Granitzer – Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Information V…, 2009

Knowledge Discovery Using the Knowminer Framework

W Klieber, V Sabol, M Muhr, R Kern, G Öttl, M Granitzer – IADIS International Conference Information Systems 2009, 2009

Integration and Semantic Enrichment of Explicit Knowledge through a Multimedia, Multi-source, Metadata-based Knowledge A…

F Moedritscher, R Hoffmann, W Klieber – Triple-I 2007, 2007

Visualization Metaphors for Multi-modal Meeting

V Sabol, C Gütl, T Neidhart, A Juffinger, W Klieber, M Granitzer – Workshop Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata…, 2007

On the Complexity of Annotation with the High Level Metadata

M Lux, W Klieber, M Granitzer – Journal of Universal Knowledge Management, 2006

KnowMiner - Ein Service orientiertes Knowledge Discovery Framework

W Klieber, V Sabol, M Granitzer, W Kienreich, R Kern – GI-Edition 2006, 2006

Plagiarism Detection in Large Sets of Press Agency News Articles

W Kienreich, M Granitzer, V Sabol, W Klieber – TAKMA Workshop Procceedings of 17th International Conference on Database …, 2006

MISTRAL: Service Orientierte Cross-Media Techniken zur Extraktion von Semantic aus multimedia Daten und Deren Anwendung

K Tochtermann, M Granitzer, V Sabol, W Klieber – Inproceedings of Semantics 2005, Vienna, 2006

A Visual Query Interface for a Very Large Newspaper Article Repository

W Kienreich, V Sabol, M Granitzer, W Klieber, M Lux, W Sarka – Procceedings of 16th International Conference on Database…, 2005

Visual Analysis of Search Results Obtained from Very Large Newspaper Article Repository

W Kienreich, M Granitzer, V Sabol, W Klieber, M Lux, W Sarka – Proceedings of ISGI 2005, CODATA International Symposium …, 2005

Cross Media Retrieval in Knowledge Discovery

M Lux, M Granitzer, W Kienreich, V Sabol, W Klieber, W Sarka – Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2004

Evaluating a System for Interactive Exploration of Large, Hierarchically Structured Document Repositories

M Granitzer, W Kienreich, V Sabol, K Andrews, W Klieber – InfoVis 2004, the tenth annual IEEE Symposium on Information V…, 2004


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